About Me

About the Love Your Kitchen Website

Hi, my name is Enda McLarnon and I write the content and manage the "Love Your Kitchen" website. The idea for this website came from my wife who is what I would term a real gadget freak when it comes to buying appliances for the kitchen.

I think we have just about every kitchen gadget under the sun.

I am not complaining though as she also happens to be a fantastic cook. 

About Love Your Kitchen

When we go to buy anything for the home, we usually do this together and it usually involves both online and on the street Retail research.

We like to buy good quality prices at sensible and affordable prices that are practical and useful in the kitchen or dining room. I am now semi-retired and I now help out local businesses on a voluntary basis, by helping them with their websites and the many social networks..

I thought it would be a great idea to blend the two sets of skills and produce a kitchen small appliance review website, for people living in the UK. Here we can share with you what we have learned when it comes to buying the smaller and larger kitchen appliances for your home.

We certainly hope that you find it useful. If you want to ask me anything then just pop over to my contact page and leave me a message there. I normally try to respond to any questions or inquiries in two days. Bear with me though as that is not always possible.

How We Do Our Kitchen Appliance Reviews?

You will appreciate that on any review type of website such as this one, there is no way any single home can own every single type of product. We certainly don't claim to do that. We do however own one or two of most kitchen appliances that we have built up over the years.

Before buying those we did a lot of research to find out the best information that we could.

I do almost all of my research online as I enjoy that. My wife prefers to be in the actual shops as she likes to see and touch the products. (She also has the credit cards)

What we normally do is read the information and try to get a list of 4 or 5 products that get good reviews. Then we dig a little deeper into those, and can usually (but not always) get it down to 2-3 products. My wife will then go shopping and she will make a final decision, depending on a range of things like quality, appearance, what guarantees are offered etc.

If it is cheaper online then we just buy it there, once she has seen and touched the product.

Reviews on our Website

I then gather all this information as we do our research and then present that on our website. Here is an example as that makes it a little bit easier to understand. We wanted to buy a pasta making machine, so as we could enjoy home made pasta.

We both searched online and narrowed our choices down to 5 different machines. We checked all the reviews at online websites like Amazon, the manufacturer's website, various retail websites and other online places like eBay.

We then made a note of those that got the highest buyer ratings. After that we cross matched our list and picked a final 5. Then we went into more detail to find out a lot more about each of those. After that exercise and having compared our notes we did get it down to just two.

My good lady then went and checked them out, and picked the one she liked. We used it a few times and we both liked it a lot. That is how we pick almost all of our kitchen appliances.

I then record all of that research and show it here on the website. Hopefully it saves you a lot of time having to do the research yourself. We are very thorough about this. To say that my wife Angela was fussy, would be the biggest under statement of the year.

Well at least we know that we are buying good quality products that are good value for money.

Current and Accurate Information

We will always continue to keep the information up to date. New products arrive all the time, and some of the older kitchen products disappear. We also check at least once a month to see if the satisfaction rating of a product has changed and amend any other important information on our website

You will also find a number of top 5 and top 10 product listing tables on this website. They are also reviewed monthly and updated if required. They are always based on customer satisfaction ratings.

We Don't Do Paid Reviews Ever

We never accept any products for free in return for a review. We have been offered that many times but we always decline and we will always do that. The reason is we like to keep our reviews independent and as genuine as we can.

If we don't like something we will tell you that with the reasons behind our decision.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the links on our website do link out to the Amazon website. Those are affiliate links and we do get paid a commission if the person clicking the link buys the product. We will always tell you clearly when a link will take you to Amazon.