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Igenix IG3202 2 Slice Toaster with Illuminating Blue Lights

5 Top Rated 2 Slice Toasters Under £30

Here we have picked out 5 great toasters, from very good brands, that will do a great job, but most importantly cost you less than £30. When it comes to 2 slice toasters, there is a lot of choice on the UK marketplace.

However we did the research, and we have narrowed it down to what we believe to be the top five.

By searching around, you can however find good quality toasters, for a sensible and fair price. We have listed those below.

  1. Breville VTT232 Black 2 Slice Toaster
  2. Russell Hobbs 23862 Darwin 2-Slice Toaster
  3. Breville 2-Slice Toaster the Perfect Fit for Warburtons
  4. Wahl ZX515 2 Slice Toaster Cool Touch
  5. Cusimax 800W Auto High Lift 2 Slice Toaster

Just below, you can now find a more detailed review on each one.

No 1 Choice - Breville VTT232 Black 2 Slice Toaster

Buyer Satisfaction

This 2 slice toaster came out as our number one choice. It is from the very good Breville brand, and those who have bought it rate it highly.

This one is only available in black. It is a nice looking 2 slice toaster, that certainly has all the right features.

It has red illuminated control buttons for easy use.

Like any good toaster this one has variable control for browning, and also variable width slots, that can handle both thin and thick breads.

The features include reheat, defrost and mid cycle cancel. In addition to those, it has a high lift function to stop the fingers getting burned, and makes toast easy to remove.

It has a non slip base, cord storage and a removable crumb tray.

No 2 Choice - Russell Hobbs 23862 Darwin 2-Slice Toaster

Buyer Satisfaction

Russell Hobbs is another popular brand, and the good news about this one, is that you can get it in a range of colours.

Those include black, white, red and cream so hopefully a colour that will suit your kitchen.

All of those colours have a nice gloss finish.

This one has a nice range of features including variable browning, toast from frozen, a mid cycle cancel and even a reheat function.

It measures 27 x 17 x 17.5 cm so will not take up a great deal of room on your kitchen worktop.

No 3 Choice - Breville 2-Slice Toaster the Perfect Fit for Warburtons

Buyer Satisfaction

This is probably the biggest selling 2 slice toaster that is available on the UK marketplace. It is from Breville and buyers do seem to like it quite a lot.

It is only available in a silver colour, so the choice is limited. It does look pretty good though, so if suits your style, this could be a good choice.

As the name would suggest it fits all Warburton bread, and has attractive red illuminated control buttons. There is also a "look and lift" feature, and also a high lift feature, to avoid finger burn.

It measures 24.8 x 32 x 24.5 cm so will not take up too much room on your counter top.

No 4 Choice - Wahl ZX515 2 Slice Toaster Cool Touch

Buyer Satisfaction

This is certainly one of the cheapest on this list, and yet it is still very high quality. Personally I also think this one looks very cool indeed.

As the name would suggest, this one has a cool touch, so that will help avoid any burned figures. It is however only available in a white colour.

It measures 18.69 x 32.69 x 20.29 cm and weighs about 1.4 Kg. It has all the correct features as well. Those include defrost, reheat, and variable browning control.

This one also has wide slots ideal for bigger bread, and it has a removable crumb tray.

No 5 Choice - Cusimax 800W Auto High Lift 2 Slice Toaster

Buyer Satisfaction

This one is also at the lower end of the price point and a nice little toaster. It has a very compact design so ideal for anyone living in an apartment, or a caravan or mobile home.

It is however only available in this stainless steel colour and a black surround. That will limit the choice for many people.

It has variable browning control and an auto high lift feature to avoid burned fingers. It also has defrost and a reheat function. It also has a removable crumb tray. For peace of mind this comes with an 18 month warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Hopefully our article has helped narrow down the many choices, and made your buying decision that little bit easier. However, if not, then worry not. We have completed a full article on the top ten 2 slice toasters on the UK market, which you can read by clicking here.

However in terms of toasters under £30, then these are the top 5, according to our research.

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