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Visua Glossy White Special Edition 10.2" Under Cabinet Flip Down Kitchen TV

Best Small TV for the Kitchen

In this article we will be reviewing what we believe to be the best TVs, that can be used in a kitchen. Many people like the convenience of being able to watch TV, when they are working or cooking in their kitchen. These days it is also very easy to have the TV also suitable for playing videos, listening to music and even watching things like YouTube and Netflix.

best small tv for a kitchen
Under Cabinet Cupboard Flip Down Kitchen LCD/ LED TV Bracket

The most popular styles used these days, are those that attach under a cupboard, and are usually kept in place by some type of hanging brackets. I have included an image of that just to the right. The days when the small TV used to sit in the corner of the kitchen are pretty much gone.​

Many of the other smaller TVs available, also use a simple stand to keep them in place. Just remember, if you go for that option, it will take up a bit of valuable counter or worktop space.

So fundamentally you have a couple of choices, a small TV on a stand, that can sit under a cupboard and on top of a counter, or, one that hangs down from a bracket. With the bracket option it can be left there, or indeed pushed under a cupboard when not in use.​

These are also popular in caravans, mobile homes and in many holiday homes.​

What Else Does a Kitchen TV Need?

The sky is the limit now for what programs you want to watch. You can opt for the basic channels by using an indoor, or external aerial.​ Many of the small TVs also come with Freeview built in to them. The more expensive options are the Smart TVs which can be hooked up to features like Netflix, YouTube etc. Again most of these TVs will work with the various "sticks" available such as the Amazon Fire.

Many TVs also come with built-in radio, and that is handy for listening to the news or a bit of music as you work.​

Most people will not want or need the full range of TV services in their kitchen. Mainly it is to have something on when you are cooking, or perhaps having something to eat in the morning or late evening.

Things To Watch Out For In Your Kitchen

STEAM - the one thing to watch out for is the amount of steam in the kitchen!​

Cooking will create steam, and of course there may be some oil/grease created. Over a period of time that can build up inside a TV. You need to be just a little bit careful, when it comes to locating your TV. Ideally it should be away from the main cooking area, and also away from the sink area. You do not want to get moisture anywhere near a TV for safety reasons.

Just take a little time where you should locate your television.​

Power Supply for Your TV

The other thing you will want to consider is where can you get power to your TV. Most TVs work off the main's supply, so you will need to be able to plug it in somewhere close to its location. The other option is to buy a TV that is powered by a battery. Bear in mind though, that the battery will need regular charging.​

Depending on what you want to watch, it may also need an aerial. Many of the TVs come with a built-in internal aerial. That may just not be strong enough to pick up a good reception. You may need to connect it up to an external aerial, or through your cable network.​

Top 5 Small TVs Suitable for a Kitchen

Below I have shown what I believe to be the best small televisions that will be suitable for most kitchen types. I have based these on two things which are value for money, and highly rated by actual real life buyers. Hopefully you will find that really useful.

No 1 Small TV - August DTV905 – 9” Portable Freeview TV - Small Screen LCD TV & Media Player

small kitchen tv August DTV905 – 9 inch Portable Freeview TV

Average Price = £108

This is a small 9" TV that also has a Multimedia Player. It has Freeview TV for UK It also has all of the main digital radio stations. In addition to live TV you also have the option of scheduled TV recording as it has a  7 day Electronic Program Guide.

This TV will also play video, music and show digital pictures via USB port. This also supports MP3, WAV, JPEG, MPEG4, AVI formats. It can be used as a high quality monitor. It comes with a remote control with battery, built-in stereo loudspeakers and Earphone socket.

You can power it from mains (110-240V 50/60Hz). However it also has a rechargeable battery for up to 2.5 hours

No 2 Small TV - Visua 10.2" White Under Cabinet Digital Flip Down Kitchen / Caravan / Motorhome TV

Visua 10.2" White Under Cabinet Digital Flip Down Kitchen

Average Price = £240

This is a 10.2 " TV that is available with a white surround, a silver surround or a piano black surround. That should give you some options when it comes to matching this TV to your kitchen design and colours.

It weighs just under 2 Kg and measures 27 W x 17.5 D x 3.5 H (cm) when closed and tucked under a cupboard. When opened it measures 27 W x 17.5 D x 22.5 H (cm) This model has been designed to be fitted in the smallest of places, with a very clever mounting system

It will allow you to watch up to 74 free digital TV & radio channels as well as the normal analogue TV stations. You can also pause, record & replay live Digital TV. This is an ideal TV for your kitchen and many people also use them in their caravan, boats or holiday homes. It comes with a waterproof remote control, the mounting bracket and UK Power supply It also has a 12 volt adapter and user guide.

To use the screen folds down for viewing and folding away again when not in use. The flip down mounting attaches to the underside of a shelf or cupboard so you're not losing valuable kitchen work surface area.

No 3 Small TV - August DA100D - 10" Portable TV with Freeview

August DA100D - 10 inch Portable TV with Freeview

Average Price = £90

This 10 " TV is one of the cheapest on the UK market, and is affordable for most people at just under £90. This one can work off the main's supply or can work of a 12 volt battery. That makes it ideal for a kitchen or even in motor homes, caravans or a car.

It weighs just under 700 grams and measures 26.2 x 3 x 17 cm

It comes with Freeview built into it for free and easy access to many TV channels. It can also deliver live TV which you can pause and rewind if required. It has HDMI and AV which means many devices can also be connected to it, such as digital cameras, security systems, set top boxes etc.

No 4 Small TV - 16" Ultra Slim LED Digital Freeview USB Record TV DVD

16 inch Ultra Slim LED Digital Freeview USB Record TV DVD

Average Price = £130

If you have room for something larger, or simply want a larger screen then this 16 inch TV with stand is worth a closer look. This again is affordable for most people at just under £130. This one can work off the main's supply or can work of a 12 or 24 volt supply, and it comes with both adaptors. That makes it ideal for a kitchen or even in motor homes, caravans or a car.

It weighs just under 2.5 Kg and measures 317 x 400 x 165 mm (H x W x D)

This one is very popular in the boating community, and for those with motor homes. It is also a good choice for the kitchen or dinette, thanks to its larger size. It is made by the brand "Cello."

No 5 Small TV - Visua Glossy White Special Edition 10.2" Under Cabinet Flip Down Kitchen TV

Visua Glossy White Special Edition 10.2" Under Cabinet Flip Down Kitchen TV

Average Price = £320

This is my own personal favourite in terms of appearance, but it costs around £320. It is clearly not my favourite in terms of price, whereas others on my list are a lot better priced. I did include this one though as it is a popular choice, for anyone who can afford it.

It weighs just under 2.4 Kg and has been specifically designed to fit under standard kitchen cabinets: Base Dimensions 360 mm Wide, 270 mm Deep

On this TV you can get up to 74 free digital TV & radio channels. This is a 10" TV and it comes with a DVD player. It also comes with a remote control, the mounting template,  and a UK power supply.

The screen folds down for viewing and folding away again using a magnetic clasp when not in use. It can  rotate 270 degrees, allowing you to view it from different areas of your kitchen.

You can also connect HMDI, PC (VGA), USB, Scart and CVBS Inputs on the rear panel - it also has a SD Card slot on the side. It has built in stereo speakers.

Video Explaining Under Counter Kitchen Tvs

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