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Here we will review the best spiralizers that are currently available in the UK market place. If you are familiar with what these do then happy days, but if you are not sure, or have not seen one in action, then check out the video below. These are for sure the latest and hottest kitchen gadget to arrive in the UK market this year.

They are affordable, useful and we think a great little gadget to have in your kitchen. They come in slightly different styles and models. In fact there are three different types which are:

  1. Handheld
  2. Vertical Hold
  3. Horizontal Hold

This simply means that the method in which they are used differs slightly. The end result is however basically the same.

Handheld Spiralizers

The handheld ones are popular and are the cheapest. They do have limitations though as you have to apply a lot of manual work. They are also limited as they can only cut certain sizes of vegetables and fruits.

If you think of a how a simple pencil sharpener works, then you will know how these work. If nothing else they are super fun to use.
In the video below, you will see this handheld model, which as you will see is simple to use and creates some pretty amazing shapes for your vegetables.

Horizontal Spiralizers

The video immediately below shows a horizontal one in action and you will see it can be used on much bigger vegetables, and it also requires very little effort. This video shows you exactly how to use a spiralizer and come up with some great looking food.

Typically they the veg is pushed onto a metal ring and then the other end is wound in slowly to slice and make spirals from the vegetables. These work ok, but they can also be tricky to work. If you don’t get the knack correct, then they can get frustrating to use.

This is because the vegetables can move out of place and you spend more time sorting that out then anything else.

You will be left with the centre of your vegetables which is a little wasteful in my opinion, but not the end of the world. If you like noodles these are really great. You can also make ribbons and after that the only limit is your imagination.

Vertical Hold Spiralizers

I think these are the best although the lady in the video would disagree. It might have helped if she had used the right attachments and taken a little more care. In the video below you can see a comparison of all of them.

The vertical ones just use a downward pressure and for me that works the best. All of them are pretty good to be honest and all of them work well and leave you with much the same result.


So if you didn’t know what they were used for before, then if you have watched the videos, you should now know all about them. Below I have included a short review on the top 5 rated spiralizers which I hope you will find informative.

Dragonn Spiral Slicer

Dragonn Spiral SlicerThis is the best selling spiralizer on Amazon and it costs around £17. This is a handheld version and it is compact, easy to store and just works a treat. With this one you can do julienne spirals and chips or ribbons.

It has super sharp Japanese blades but also has protective finger guards to keep you safe.

It comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% money back guarantee. That should tell you just how good this spiralizer is.

The manufacturer even goes on to say that even if you happen to lose this kitchen gadget, just let them know and they will send you out a replacement for FREE.

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Hemsley + Hemsley Spiralizer

Hemsley + Hemsley SpiralizerThis is the highest rated version and it costs around £30. This is a horizontal spiralizer and users really love this product a lot. If you like to use a lot of vegetables and want something done quickly, then this is the one for you.

It is effortless and simple to use and produces great results. This one has suction feet to keep it firmly in place.

If you want to slice and spiral potatoes, onions, carrots etc then this one does it quickly. I mentioned earlier about vegetables slipping out of the horizontal versions of these. There are no worries of it happening with this high quality model.

There are 3 different style cutting sheets, a chipper, a slicer and a shredder.

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