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Best Tefal Frying Pan UK Reviews 2021

By  Enda

Thanks for taking your time to read our UK reviews on the best Tefal branded frying pans that are currently available on the marketplace. Many UK buyers will be familiar with this brand, as it is known for its quality, and is a familiar sight in many UK shops.

Top 11 Buyer Rated Tefal Frying Pans

Just below we have rated the top 11 Tefal frying pans by the highest buyer rated first. When we were doing our research we looked at the many websites that sell these Tefal frying pans.

We noted the average buyer ratings from these websites and then worked out the average rating for each pan. We scored that out of 100%. That is the number that you will see in brackets beside the product name.

If you click on any of the product names you can read a summary review of that particular frying pan. You may however just simply prefer to scroll through the range that we have selected below.

Tefal Precision Plus Frypan-32cm

94% buyer satisfaction based on 10,000 online buyer reviews

This also sells pretty well and it has the Tefal "Easy Plus coating" which ensures a durable non-stick performance

It is a 32 cm non-stick pan

Has the "Thermo-spot" feature which lets you know when your pan is hot enough to start cooking

Please note this is not compatible with an induction hob. The pan is made from aluminium and can be washed in a dishwasher.

Tefal Taste 20 cm/ 28 cm, Twin Pack, Frying Pan Set

94% buyer satisfaction based on 7,500 online buyer reviews

This is a very popular buy in the UK as you get a smaller pan and a larger one

They are 20 cm and 28 cm

Both pans have a non-stick coating

Both pans have the "Thermo-spot" feature which lets you know when your pan is hot enough to start cooking

They both have a PTFE non-stick exterior which makes them easy and fast to clean, and you can also put these into your dishwasher. These are a black colour and made from aluminium. They are also stove top compatible.

They are also oven safe up to 175 degrees Celsius for up to 1 hour.

Tefal Selective 2 Piece Non-Stick Frying Pan Set, 20 & 26cm Twin Pack

92% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000 online buyer reviews

This is a set of two frying pans They are 20 cm and 26 cm

They have a "Resistium" non-stick coating

Suitable for gas and electric hobs (not induction)

They also have "Dura base" technology

Has the "Thermo-spot" feature which lets you know when your pan is hot enough to start cooking

These pans are easy to clean and lightweight according to online buyers.

Tefal Extra Frying Pan, 26 cm - Black

92% buyer satisfaction based on 4,600 online buyer reviews

This is the part of the Tefal Extra range
It is a 26 cm non-stick pan
Has the "Thermo-spot" feature which lets you know when your pan is hot enough to start cooking
It has a "Powerglide" non-stick coating
It has a bakelite handle that provides a comfortable and secure grip

It can be washed in the dishwasher. The non-stick part of this pan comes with a lifetime guarantee bot only that feature.

The Tefal Brand

Tefal is one of the world leaders in non-stick cookware and small electrical appliances, offering a host of high quality and enhanced products designed to simplify everyday tasks in the home. Tefal’s approach is one that evokes ingenuity and pleasure, aimed at people who enjoy the experience of cooking together.

Tefal is one of the industry benchmarks and sets the standard in non-stick coating technology. The brand is recognised for the variety and originality of its offer and renowned for its Thermo-Spot heat indicator. Tefal has been supporting consumers for over 50 years with ingenious products that deliver healthy, balanced cooking and better results. From cookware to electric cooking, Tefal offers convivial solutions that provide pleasure to use every da

The Tefal Guarantee

best tefal frying pans

Most Tefal cookware including frying pans along with their accessories are guaranteed against any material or manufacturing defect, for 2 years from the date of purchase or delivery date in UK & ROI.

In the event of a problem, the user must contact the TEFAL/T-FAL* Customer Services
(0345 602 1454 in UK, or 01 677 4003 in Republic of Ireland, or via the website www.tefal.co.uk).

You can read the full limited guarantee by clicking here


I enjoy cooking and love using a whole variety of small kitchen appliances. On this website, I review many of the best kitchen gadgets that are fun to own, and even more fun to use.

Enda McLarnon

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