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Updated June 2022

This is our review of the best waffle makers and if you enjoy the odd waffle in your diet from time to time, then you should consider having one of these in your kitchen. When it comes to buying one of these for your home, the average price you should expect to pay is £25.

They are also referred to as Belgian Waffle Makers. This can get confusing but for clarity true Belgian waffles are the round ones. Many of the makers today produce square ones but now at least you know the difference.

There are a few different styles available, such as the standard square shaped waffle, but you can also get circular ones, and with some you can also create a variety of shapes. The latter is better if you have younger children as they will often like the shape.

Just below you will find a table of the Top 10 waffle makers in the UK market right now. Below that we have completed a shorter review on each one, if you prefer to see an overview. At the bottom of the page you will also find a waffle maker buying guide, just in case you are not quite sure exactly what it is you are looking for

Top 10 Waffle Makers

Most Affordable - Global Gourmet by Sensiohome American Waffle Maker

90% buyer satisfaction based on 4,000+ online buyer reviews

This is one of the biggest sellers online.

It is made from stainless steel and it has extra deep cooking plates.

It has variable temperature control that allows you to adjust your preferred temperature, wait until the ready light indicator comes on and cook.

The light indicator shows when the waffle machine has reached the ideal temperature for starting to cook.

There is a cord wrap for easy storage.

Best Mid-Range - Breville VST072 DuraCeramic Waffle Maker

94% buyer satisfaction based on 1,500+ online buyer reviews

This Breville waffle maker is made from stainless steel.

This model has a designed element for fast heat-up and perfectly browned waffles

It has a ceramic coating for superior results compared to a standard non-stick coating

It makes use of a fully enclosed plate system to help prevent leakage. Waffle rise clip system.

This model also stands upright for compact storage.

Best for Round Waffles - NETTA Waffle Maker Machine

88% buyer satisfaction based on 3,000+ online buyer reviews

This waffle maker is made from stainless steel and features extra deep cooking plates with a non-stick coating.

The model also has a temperature control and light indicators for ‘power’ and ‘ready to cook’.

The convenient light indicator shows when the waffle machine has reached the ideal temperature for starting to cook traditional American/Belgian waffles.

To use, simply adjust the dial to your preferred temperature, wait until the ready light indicator comes on and start cooking.

Comes with a 1 year warranty.

Most Compact - VonShef Waffle Maker

90% buyer satisfaction based on 600+ online buyer reviews

This model allows you to make 2 waffles by using this Dual Belgian Waffle Maker from VonShef

It has an easy clean non-stick plate coating so you can remove waffles with ease

It also has automatic temperature control and a cool touch handle for fuss-free operation

It is made from stylish stainless steel

It comes with a 1 year warranty.

Global Gizmos 35570 Mini Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

86% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online buyer reviews

This is for those who want something that little bit different as it makes mini heart shaped waffles.

It is also very cute looking in a pink colour which catches the eye

It can make 5 waffles at a time

It has non-stick cooking plates as you would expect and overall buyers give it very good reviews.

Cooks Professional Belgian Waffle Maker Machine

88% buyer satisfaction based on 800+ online buyer reviews

This waffle maker makes delicious waffles in less than 5 minutes

You simply pour in your ingredients, and the electric waffle maker will tell you when your waffles are ready to eat

This is a simple to use rotating waffle machine that means perfect, restaurant quality waffles every time
It has a non-stick coating, locking mechanism and removable drip tray, so you'll never make a mess
Warranty; 2-year warranty

Best Overall Waffle Maker - Sage BWM520BSS the No-Mess Waffle Maker

92% buyer satisfaction based on 250+ online buyer reviews

This has 7 settings for browning.

It has a no mess moat that stops the waffle batter from spilling out

It ha s premium PFOA-free non-stick coating on the plates.

It also has Thermal Pro that distributes heat evenly across cooking plates

Ready light: The no-mess waffle illuminates when it's ready for you to pour on the batter.

Hong Kong Bubble Waffle Maker

88% buyer satisfaction based on 500+ online buyer reviews

This model has state of the art non-stick coating plate and allows for easy waffle release and easy cleaning

It has a 180 degree flip feature that allows for easy reversing and titling of the Egg Waffle Maker.

It also has overheat protection that guards the machine from being overheated and automatically halts the cooking process, protecting the egg waffles and the machine from burning and damaging.

Best for Mini Waffles - Candora Mini Waffle Maker Machine

84% buyer satisfaction based on 400+ online buyer reviews

This machine makes waffles, paninis, hash browns, etc. You can use any wet batter

This model is compact and lightweight

It heats up in a few minutes.

It also has dual non-stick surfaces that provide an even cook for consistent results, each and every time.

Its small size takes up little counter space

Waffle Maker Buying Guide

Before making any type of purchase, there are a few things that you should consider. For a lot of people they do prefer a certain brand. The best known brand in the UK is Breville but there are lots of very good brands.

If you are open to various brands, then there are other considerations that we think are important.

Available Space in your kitchen

If you have a large kitchen, then the size of the waffle maker will not be an issue. However if you are restricted by available kitchen space, a compact model will be a better choice.

Waffle Type

 if you have looked at our list you will see that the types of waffle maker. Some make round waffles and some make square or rectangular waffles. The other consideration is if you prefer soft or crispy waffles? Some people also have a preference for thick, soft Belgian waffles and some people prefer the thinner classic waffles

Safety Features

 These can sometimes be overlooked and they are important. This is especially true if you have small children at home. If that is the case, then a maker with a locking handle will prevent them from touching the hot cooking plates.

Cooking with a Waffle Maker

There are lots of different features on a waffle maker. It is certainly worth knowing about the various ones you might consider to be important.

Temperature Control

This is really about how well done you prefer your waffles to be. Some buyers like them lightly cooked whereas others prefer them to be better done and crispy. The majority of models allow you to control this, and range from crispy to golden brown. This is usually controlled by using a dial.

Automatic Cut-Off

 There are two elements o consider with this feature. They are pre-heat and cooking time. Many models have an indicator light that turns off when the plates are hot enough. There is then the cooking time. You can on some models set the maker to turn off after a certain time or when they have finished cooking. In relation to the cooking, you will likely have to make a few adjustments at the start to get the right setting for you.

No of Waffles Made

This is a key consideration. If you have a family, you should probably buy a model that makes a number of waffles at the same time. Some makers make a single waffle, others make 2 and some make 4 waffles.

If you live alone or as a couple then a smaller one will do the job nicely.

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