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Updated June 2022

In this article we review what we believe to be the best water filter jugs, currently available in the UK marketplace. In a health conscious UK market, more and more people want to drink pure (filtered) water. It is thought that this is linked to people buying bottled water, rather than drinking tap water. Another reason many people like to filter their water is because of the hardness of some water supplies in the UK.

What Types of Water Filter Jugs Are There?

These jugs come in different designs, shapes and sizes. They are made from a variety of materials that include stainless steel, glass, and hard plastic. All of them will have some type of filtering mechanism, usually a cartridge style.

The most popular brand, by quite some way is BRITA. However other brands such as Lloytron, Aqua Optima, Kinetic also make these, along with other smaller brands. These filter jugs swing a lot in price, from as cheap as £10 and all the way up to £60. The price varies depending on the size of jug, and also the efficiency and effectiveness of the filtration system being used.

Buyers Beware of Extra Costs for Filtering Water

Before you go splashing out on one of these filter jugs, please be aware that the cost does not stop with the initial purchase. Filters need to be changed regularly, otherwise the entire purpose of filtering the water in the first place, is lost.

Therefore make sure that the jug you buy has replacement filters easily available and affordable. the cost for these can be significant. The more complex filtration system you opt for, the more expensive it will be to replace the filters.

Do You Really Need a Water Filter Jug?

I think this is a question worth asking. Often we buy things without fully understanding the reason why. We can then often get bored with them, and they end up in the back of a cupboard. Most of us will know that we could not survive more than a few days without water.  Around two thirds of our bodies are made up of water. To keep a good level of health, we should drink about 2.5 litres of water per day.

Most people who buy these jugs like their water clean, pure, and tasty. Water filters remove any harmful impurities. That is the single reason that these are growing in popularity.

Water filters use two different techniques to remove dirt. If you look at your kettle, you may notice that it might use a this gauze to filter the water. That is referred to as "physical filtration." It is little more than a sieve. The second method is known as a "chemical filtration." This is where the water is passed through an active material that removes impurities chemically. Many of the filter jugs use a combination of both filtrating systems.

Top 3 Water Filter Jugs in the UK

Below we look at the best water filter jugs currently available in the UK market.

Best Seller - BRITA Marella Cool Water Filter Jug

94% buyer satisfaction based on 25,000+ online buyer reviews

As you can see BRITA literally dominate this market. It should be no surprise then to see them occupy all of the top spots for water filter jugs.

They are all good quality products, so let's have a look at the main differences between the three shown below.

This one is the best seller in the range. We believe the main reason for that is because it is an ideal kit for anyone starting out. One of the ongoing costs for a jug is replacing the filters. A pack of 4 costs around £15, so they are not cheap. This Marella model comes with a starter pack that contains 6 cartridges. That makes this jug very good value for money.

best selling water filter jug

It has a flip top lid, and that allows you be able to fill the jug, using just one hand. It is a nice size, and has been shaped so that it allows you to keep it just inside your fridge door. The base is non-slip, has a soft grip handle and also has a cartridge indicator, that informs you when the filter needs to be changed.

What Buyers Liked

Buyers liked this one as it comes with six cartridges, and that really does help keep the costs down. Most said the water tasted a great deal better than the tap water. They also said that tea and coffee tasted better when they used the filtered water.

Those that used it to help keep lime scale down, said it had improved that. Those who live in hard water areas, like London, know all to well what that can do to a kettle. With over 25,000 online buyer reviews, this filter jug has maintained a very high 94% buyer satisfaction rating.

BRITA water filter jugs for clean water

Moset Affordable - BRITA Aluna Water Filter Jug

This BRITA Aluna model is the cheapest at under £10. Just be aware though this one comes with just one cartridge. That should last you around one month. For £10, I think this is the best choice, if you want to try out filtered water for the first time.

BRITA Aluna Filter Jugs

Rather than spend £15-20 , why not spend under a tenner and give it a try. One thing we learned from the feedback was that a lot of people have tried this. Around 25% give up after a week as they can't be bothered, or they don't see a huge difference, for their efforts.

There are a number of things that you can try to see if you notice a difference. Try using the filtered water to make your tea/coffee, and check if the liquid looks scale free. You can also use the water to make ice cubes, various stocks like chicken and also for soups.

What Buyers Liked

Most buyers agreed that this jug looks smart and compact. It is heavy though when full and the handle could have been designed better for comfort. Remember the water gets filtered through an inner chamber, and it takes 3-4 top ups to fill this up.

This one will not fir in every fridge door, but that mainly depends on the size of your fridge. The cartridges are easy to replace and will last for about 4-6 weeks.

Highest Rated - BRITA Marella Cool Water Filter Jug

Last but not least is this jug, that is the highest rated at 4.6 out of 5 stars. It also has the highest amount of buyer reviews. When I checked last, there were well over 2,500 buyer reviews on this model. That tells you that this product has sold in its thousands.

These are available in 2 sizes, a 2.4 litre or a 3.5 litre. The smaller one is around £11.50 and the larger one just over £20. It is also available to buy with a pack of 4 cartridges. That cost varies, depending on offers,  but should be around $27-30

A key difference in this product is the variety of colours that you can get for the inner chamber. That allows people to match the jug to the kitchen decor. There are 12 colours in total, and below I have included the most popular choices.



Bamboo Green

Brita green water filter jug

Passion Red

passion red filter jug


Rose water filter jug


tulip water filter jug

You can also get white, lavender, marigold, mint, orchid, and blue. Colours are not that important if you are keeping the jug inside the fridge. If you are going to keep them on the counter or worktop, then this becomes more important.

Best Water Filter Jugs FAQ

Like any product of this nature, people ask a lot of similar questions.  We though we would try and answer these below. Hopefully you find these answers helpful.

How Long Do Water Filters Last?

Mainly this will depend on how much water that you actually filter. If you or the household drinks around 2-3 jugs a day, then the filter will need replaced each month. It will also vary depending on the water type in the area where you live. Really hard water will use up the filters very quickly.

You should replace the filter if the water starts to smell strange, has a metallic taste ot the water is taking too long to filter.

Will a 3.5 Litre Jug Fit in a Fridge Door?

A a general rule the answer is no. It does however depend on the size of your fridge. It also depends on the brand of water filter jug you buy. A typical BRITA 3.5 litre jug measures 25.6 x 10.4 x 25.8 cm. In inches that is 10 x 4.1 x 10. The important measurement for most people will be the 4" or 10.4 cm.

Pick the area of the fridge door where you would like to keep your jug. If it is more than 10.4 cm wide or 4" wide, then yes it will fit. It is then 10" across, so takes up a lot of the shelf on the door.

Why Drinking Water Is Good For You?

A typical UK citizen today gets about 21% of their calories from drinks. Now on average that means a person today takes in about 150 to 300 more calories than they did about 30 years ago. That's a lot for sure. The reason for that is of course soft drinks, juice drinks and high energy drinks.

In fact, there are groups of adults who have tripled their daily intake of alcoholic beverages. Now that is before we start talking about smoothies, and large drinks from the fast food restaurants. That is why many people have turned to bottled water. The problem with that is that it is expensive enough.

Water is really all we need to drink for a healthier and more balanced diet. It quenches our thirst, and secondly it helps to eliminate the high amounts of sodium found in food today. It also helps keep us hydrated.

It is still fine of course to have the odd alcoholic drink, fruit juice, tea or cup of coffee. Like many things though, moderation is the key. Stick with water though, and clean healthy water, and it will make a difference.

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