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Best Wine Accessories UK Reviews 2021

By  Enda

Best Wine Equipment and Accessories

For those of us who love our wine, then many will be familiar, with the full range of available wine equipment, accessories and gadgets. Some people though, may not be familiar with the full range of what is available on the UK marketplace.

The purpose of this article is to shed as much light as we can on the full range of products, that are available, to make your wine drinking experience, the very best that it can be.

Full Range of Wine Products Available

Often it is easier to see what is available through pictures, rather than having to read through a lot of information. In this article we have done both. Just below we have shown what is available in images.

Underneath that we then have a section on each piece of wine equipment, or the many and varied wine accessories. Please feel free to click on any of the images, to see a larger image.

Wine Cooler/Fridges

Wine fridges

Wine Aerators

Wine Aerator

Wine Carafes

Wine Carafe

Wine Racks

Wine Rack

Wine Stoppers

wine stopper

Wine Coolers & Fridges

Russell Hobbs RH8WC1 Bottle and Drinks Cooler

The benefits of owning a wine cooler or wine fridge are many. The main purpose is of course to make certain that you are always serving your wine, white, rose or red at the perfect temperature.

In addition to that they help free up space in your fridge. The third benefit is that a good quality wine cooler also looks really nice in your home. So if you simply want to have your wine served at the perfect temperature, or are someone who likes to socially entertain, then a wine cooler will be a great choice for you.

Wine Cooler Types

Wine coolers are available in both under the counter, and on the counter styles. They come in various colours though predominantly black or white. You can get a stainless steel version.

You can get them for either cooling white wine or red  wine. The slightly more expensive wine coolers will have two compartments, with different temperatures for both red and white wines.

They come in a range of different styles. Once you pick the style that you like, then it is a matter of size. Typically they come in 16 or 32 bottle sizes.

These are also great for storing beer and any other types of drink and they help free up room in your fridge. If like me though you really enjoy your wine, then investing in one of these is an absolute must.

Wine Aerators

Wine Aerator

If you want to get the full flavour of your red wine, then there is nothing quite like owning a good quality wine aerator. Aerating is the name given to exposing a wine to air. 

Exposing a wine to air triggers two elements, oxidation and evaporation. These two processes improve the taste of the wine. Wines become more aromatic when exposed to air.

They come in a range of different styles.  Some people prefer to use a decanter, which does a similar job. However they are only suitable for a full bottle. For those who simply want to get air into a glass or two, an aerator is a better and more affordable choice.

There are small hand-held aerators available. With these, you hold the aerator over a glass, and then pour the wine into this gurgling funnel and then into your glass.

Some people says they are great, and some say they don't see a big difference. Personally I think the difference is day and night. The only real way is to try it yourself and find out.

Without in anyway sounding like a snob, I have found the difference to be mainly down to the type of wine being poured. With the cheaper wines I did not notice a huge difference. With the more expensive wines the difference was immense.

Wine Decanters

Wine Decanter

If you want to get the full flavour from a bottle of red wine, then by owning a good quality wine aerator, you can certainly ensure that happens. This is an ideal choice if you want to decant a whole bottle of wine.

For decanting a smaller bottle or just enough for a glass I prefer to use the smaller aerator described just above.

Personally I think these look great, and they are no longer just found in stately homes in the UK. I think they look great in any home, and add a bit of drama to your wine enjoyment.

Those of us who enjoy a glass or two of the red stuff can genuinely take our enjoyment of wine to the next level, by using a decanter. I have read on many wine forums that people don't really see a difference.

The reality is that very few wines actually need decanting at all. These were used back in the day, when sediment used to build up in the bottom of a bottle.

With modern filtering processes, that seldom happens. Only in bottles of wine over 10 years of age, would you find any risk of that.

The do however encourage air into your wine, and that does draw out all the flavours. They come in a range of different styles, but all of them are made from glass. 

Wine Carafes

Wine Carafe

A question that I am asked quite often is what is the difference between a decanter and a carafe? That is indeed a very good question. Both the wine carafe and the decanter serve one single purpose.

When the wine, which has been stored inside a bottle is released into either of these it lets the wine breath by getting air and oxygen into the wine. The carafe though is simply a vessel that can hold any type of liquid such as wine, water, juice, or any type of liquid.

The decanter has a wider base and that allows a higher surface area of the wine to be exposed to air. The carafe normally has a much narrower base but comes in a variety of more decorative and attractive styles.

Carafes tend to have a long narrower body and a small base to accommodate large volumes of liquid and take up less precious space on the table.

Wine Racks

Wine Rack

Wine beautifully and properly displayed is what a wine rack can bring to your kitchen or dining area. There are a lot of choices for how you can display your wine, when it comes to buying a wine rack.

Some people prefer a wine fridge that I described at the beginning. Some others prefer this more traditional method of storing and displaying their wine choices.

I think that a wine rack adds a certain personality to the room or house in which it sits. So picking one mainly comes down to how many bottles of wine you want to have on display, and then your choice of style.

Many of these can be mounted on the wall, and others can simply site on the floor, or sit on a counter top, even on top of a cupboard if you prefer.

Wine Stoppers

wine stopper

If you want to get the full flavour of your red wine, then there is nothing quite like owning a good quality wine aerator.

They come in a range of different styles. 


I enjoy cooking and love using a whole variety of small kitchen appliances. On this website, I review many of the best kitchen gadgets that are fun to own, and even more fun to use.

Enda McLarnon

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