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11 Bread&Dough Modes Raisin Nut Dispenser Jam and Compote Mode 3 Different Loaf SizesThere is nothing quite like the smell or indeed the taste of freshly baked bread. Why not make it at home which you can do very easily with a bread maker. These wonderful machines can now bring those memory enhanced scents straight into your kitchen.

You know that irresistible smell when you walk past a bakery or patisserie…yes we all love it and now you can have that by buying a bread maker and putting it to work. Below we have reviewed the top 5 bread makers currently available in the UK Market.

We hope that you find the information helpful.

More and more people have opted to make their own bread. Having a breadmaker just makes the process a great deal faster, and more importantly guarantees, that you will be able to make great looking and tasting loaves.

You can of course make these the old fashioned way, but this type of machine simply does away with the guesswork. Better than that you can set it and forget it, and come home to the smell and taste of a great home made loaf.

Top 5 Breadmakers In the UK

*These are prices on and may not always be current and accurate. These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more. Please be sure to double-check the actual price on Please also note that the ratings used are from Amazon and are based out of a maximum score of 5 stars. These can also change so make sure to check at the time of purchase.
Product NameImageAverage RatingAverage PriceBrief DescriptionRead More
Philips HD9015/30 Daily Collection Bread MakerPhilips HD9015-30 Daily Collection Bread Maker5.0£50Makes bread, dough and jam
3 browning levels
Bake 2 loaf sizes
Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC Stainless Steel Bread MakerPanasonic SD-ZB2502BXC Stainless Steel Bread Maker4.8£150Makes 3 different sized loaves
Gluten free program
Rapid bake facility
Panasonic SD-2501 WXC Automatic BreadmakerPanasonic SD-2501 WXC Automatic Breadmaker4.7£110BEST SELLER ON AMAZON
11 bread and dough modes
Raisin/Nut dispenser
Makes 3 different loaf sizes
Panasonic SD-2500 WXC Automatic Breadmaker with Gluten Free ProgramPanasonic SD-2500 WXC Automatic Breadmaker with Gluten Free Program4.7£105Makes 3 different size loaves
Jam and compote mode
100% Gluten free mode
Morphy Richards 48280 Fastbake BreadmakerMorphy Richards 48280 Fastbake Breadmaker4.5£75Makes 3 different sized loaves
Makes 1 2lb loaf in less than an hour
Also makes cakes and jams

Leading Brands of Breadmakers

Panasonic lead the way when it comes to the best selling and biggest variety of bread makers. This brand along with Philips and Morphy Richards so make the best of these types of bread making machines. Below you will find a short review on the five that we have placed on our list.

Our lists are always done with the highest rated products first, so as you know that people are buying these, taking the time to leave reviews, and are well pleased with their purchases. All rating are out of 5 stars, so the close you can get to that the better.

Please note that the best seller on Amazon is at number 5 on this list. The ones above it do have slightly better ratings, but the Morphy Richards one remains the best seller. The highest seller is at number three on our list of quality bread makers.

No 1 – Philips HD9015/30 Daily Collection Bread Maker

making bread at homeThis one is very popular and we think offers good value at the price of £75. As you can see other bread makers cost between £100-150, so this one is perfect for anyone working to a strict budget. Philips have been making products like these for over 80 years so they do know what they are about.

This one is easy to use, comes with 12 pre-set programs and can also make dough for pasta and also can be used for making jams. There is also a rapid bake program, so as you can make a loaf in less than an hour.

The key features are:

  • 3 browning levels – light, medium or dark crust
  • 13 hour timer delay – bread when you want it
  • Additional Ingredients Timer – lets you know when to add any special ingredients you may want
  • Quiet and compact
  • Bakes 2 sizes of loaf – 750 grams and 1,000 grams
  • Viewing Window

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No 2 – Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC Stainless Steel Bread Maker

Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC Stainless Steel Bread MakerPanasonic are the best known brand. This one is only ranked at number two because we think the one above is just outstanding value for money. With this one though, you can really increase what you can do with a breadmaker. It also gets outstanding reviews, though it is more expensive.

The quality of this maker is simply outstanding and we do not say that lightly. This is a very modern and stylish design. They have cleverly integrated a control panel that is easy to use. It can also cater for different dietary requirements such as low salt, high fibre or gluten free.

There is also a nut and raisin dispenser, and it comes with a bread pan, kneading blade. measuring cup and spoon along with a very good recipe book. As you can see from the image, this one looks great, and it is made from stainless steel.

Bread makers are all about making bread that turns out great every single time. With this one all you have to do is weigh in the ingredients, place the bucket into the maker and quite literally hit a button. It does not get much easier than that.

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No 3 – Panasonic SD-2501 WXC Automatic Breadmaker

best selling bread makerThis one is the Highest Seller on Amazon and has literally sold in its thousands. Products do not get to be best sellers on Amazon unless they are very good products. This one from Panasonic is no exception.

The Panasonic people describe this one as the Panasonic Bread Bakery. That is because of the variety of breads and loaves that you can make with this one.


So if you are someone who wants to try out various recipes such as rye, wholemeal, and even brioche, then this machine could be a very good choice for you.

It makes 3 different sizes, medium, large or extra large. Like most of these breadmakers you can also have the choices of high fibre or gluten free loaves – the choice is yours.

It comes with a nut or raisin dispenser and again like some of the others listed here can also be used for making jam or compotes.

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No 4 – Panasonic SD-2500 WXC Automatic Breadmaker with Gluten Free Program

This is another one from Panasonic and is a very popular choice for many home bread bakers.

bread making functions

This really is a top of the line machine. It makes great bread with minimal effort. On average a loaf will take about 2 hours to bake. Again the variety of leaves that you can make with this one is incredible and includes, white, granary, French and even tear and share.

Some cheaper bread makers simply don’t work and all you are doing is throwing your money away on buying ingredients. Not so with this product, which we think is one of the best on the market right now. It is not cheap by any means but it delivers great results. It has maintained a consistent rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

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No 5 – Morphy Richards 48280 Fastbake Breadmaker

Morphy Richards 48280 Fastbake BreadmakerThis one from Morphy Richards made our top 5 list based on its very good rating score of 4.7. It has the capability of making 1 lb, 1.5 lb and 2 lb loaf which should offer you a nice range of loaf sizes. It also has what they calls a “Fastbake setting,” and that means it can make a loaf in under 1 hour.

This one is also at a sensible price and you should be able to pick it up for around £50 depending on where you shop. It also has a timer so as you can program when you want your bread to be ready.

This machine has won a number of awards and that should give you some reassurance that this one works very well indeed. This one is also nice and compact so will not take up a lot of room in your kitchen.

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No 6 – T-Fal-Wearever PF111EUS BL Bread Maker

t-fal-wearever-pf111eus-bl-bread-makerNow if money is no object, and you want to own the ultimate bread maker, then this is the one for you. There will be very few people in the UK with a large enough budget to fork out the £775 required to buy this maker.

Yes, you did see the price correctly and yes it costs around £800.

This is for those people who really want to do a whole range of options with their bread making skills. This one allows you to choose the crust settings, and allows you to make a whole range of breads.

It is made from high quality brushed stainless steel.

It is super quiet with no vibrations at all. It is also great for those who need to have gluten free bread options.

The machine is easy enough to use and buyers like the glass window that they can look through to see how things are progressing.

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Top Selling Bread Making Books

If you have bought a bread maker then most likely you will be looking for some recipes to go along with it. Most of the above appliances come with at least a few recipes to get you started. However if you want to expand the range and choices of breads that you can make, then it could be worthwhile buying a recipe book.

Below we have recommended what we think are the best on the market right now.

So if you are thinking about bread making, then now you have the top 6 rated bread makers and some great recipe books for baking your own bread at home. I hope you enjoy fresh bread daily for a very long time to come.

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