Breville VKJ755 Impressions Kettle Review

by Enda // in Kettles

Updated June 2022

Thanks for taking the time to read our UK review of the best selling Breville kettle with the model number VKJ755. This product has an RRP of £79.99 but almost always you can find a much better deal online.

Buyers, and there are many thousands of those, rate this kettle highly, and overall it has achieved a 90% buyer satisfaction rating. We explain that in more detail later in this review article.

As a quick summary this is a 1.7 litre kettle that comes in four colour choices, black, white, red or cream. It has a high gloss finish with a ridged look. The 1.7 litre capacity is enough to boil water for around 8 cups.

It also has a built-in water filter which can be removed and washed. It also has a lift off lid, wrap around cord storage and non-slip feet. You can also buy an "Impression's toaster" that matches this style of kettle.

Just below you can see a larger image, so as you can see exactly what this looks like should you decide to buy it.

Breville VKJ755 Impressions Kettle Red

Who Would Buy the Breville Impressions Kettle?

This product is bought by any home owner who likes this style of kettle. It is suitable for a single person and also works well for a family. Many buyers pick this kettle along with the matching toaster as a wedding or new home gift.

It has a very simply but eye catching design and looks really well in any kitchen, traditional or contemporary.

The Breville Brand

Breville became very well known in the UK in the 1980s when they invented the sandwich toaster. Breville now make kettles, toasters and Irons, as well as a range of food preparation products such as blenders, food processors, juicers and many others. Breville is a part of Jarden Consumer Solutions (Europe) Limited.

Breville VKJ755 Kettle Buyer Ratings

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall buyers have given this blender a 940% buyer satisfaction rating based on over 27,000 online buyer reviews
  • 77% of all UK buyers gave this one a full 5 star rating
  • 5% of all buyers gave this a bad rating

We find reviews from the many online websites such as Amazon and the brand websites. We then analyse all of these reviews and note the good and bad points, along with the ratings that buyers give to their purchase.

We then summarise all of these and come up with an average buyer satisfaction rating, scored out of 100%

Just below, you can now read what buyers had to say about the product including the good and bad points.

What Buyers Say About the VKJ755 Model?

We find that the easiest way for our readers to understand the advantages and the disadvantages of this blender is to list those in a pros and cons table which you can see just below.


  • Buyers really loved the very distinct style of this kettle
  • Buyers also like the blue water light
  • Buyers liked the fact that this kettle is light in weight
  • Buyers said this was not a noisy kettle
  • Buyers liked the fact that they could easily see the water gauge at the back
  • Buyers also said this poured really well with no drips
  • Buyers like the way it rotates on the base
  • Buyers said the lid was very secure


  • A few buyers received a product and the box had already been opened
  • A few buyers complained about a strong plastic smell when they first used this

Breville VKJ755 Impressions Video Review

We checked out YouTube to see if we could find a really good video review of this Breville Blender. We found one really good video and we have included that just below.

Breville VKJ755 Specification

Breville VKJ755 Impressions Kettle Black

Breville VKJ755 Impressions Kettle Black Colour

Many buyers also like to know the full specification and some technical details about the product before they buy it. We have included those just below.

  • Measures 16.2 x 20.7 x 25.5 cm
  • Weighs 1.13 Kg
  • 1.7 litre capacity (up to 8 cups)
  • Available in 4 colours - black, white, red or cream
  • Cord can be stored under the bottom of the kettle
  • Water gauge on the back for easy viewing
  • High gloss finish
  • 3,000 watts of power so boils quickly
  • 360 degree rotational base - ideal for left or right handed people
  • Anti-limescale filter which can be removed to be washed and cleaned
  • Lid lifts right off and when put back is very secure
  • Also has non-slip feet

Our Verdict on the Breville VKJ755 Impressions Kettle

Hopefully we have provided you with enough information so that you are able to make your mind up if this Breville VBL136 blender is the right choice for you. If not, then please click here to read our reviews of the top 10 kettles.

With reference to this particular model, this is one of the best selling kettles in the UK.

As you can see the kettle certainly looks really well, and will look good in any kitchen. For us the price is all important for this model. At around £30 we think it is very good value for money.

Buyers overall rate this very highly. However we do want to point out that this kettle is made from plastic so it is not stainless steel on the inside.

Some buyers did not like that and preferred to have stainless steel in contact with the water and not plastic. To get around this problem the manufacturer advises to boil 3 kettle with water, before using this to make tea or coffee for the first time.

Ease of Use
Easy to Clean

Buyers said the light weight, and the fact that you can turn it around easily on the stand make this one very easy to pick up and pour. Overall they thought it boiled quickly enough and also was relatively quiet.

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