Best Candy Floss Maker UK Reviews 2022

Updated June 2022

Who doesn't like the taste of candy floss? Think of a circus or a summer fair and candy floss was just one of those special treats. Well the good news now is that you can get some great and inexpensive candy floss machines, and have them right in your kitchen.

You can buy these in all of the usual places like Argos, eBay and Amazon in the UK.

They are great for children's parties, birthday celebrations and for using over the summer months. You no longer have to wait for a circus to come around to enjoy the sugar sweet taste of your own favourite candy floss.

These are a fantastic idea for birthday parties as kids can also join in with the fun of making them. All of the makers that I have listed below are good quality. Please be aware though that no matter how good these are, it will take you a couple of tries to get it right.

Below you will find a list of the top 5 rated candy floss makers that are currently available in the UK market.

Top 5 Buyer Rated Candy Floss Makers

Our Top Picks



GOURMETmaxx Cotton Candy Machine

The Cotton Candy machine leaves nothing to be desired and comes with 10 wooden sticks, measuring cup and splash guard.  This is a 500 watt maker and can be used to make candy floss in different colours and flavours. It also works with sugar or crushed sweets.

It has a removable collecting tray and sugar container with a spray guard.



Global Gizmos 55889 Candy Floss Maker

This retro candy floss maker lets you make your own fairground favourite candy floss from scratch at home in minutes. This one is also the best seller online.

It is ideal to cater for kids’ parties and sleepovers, as you can make huge batches of cotton candy with just one spoonful of sugar.

As the machine heats up, the central head begins to spin and spins sugar into bunches of delicious cotton candy.



Trendi Cotton Candy Floss Maker Machine

This is an easy to use candy floss maker that allows you to make fairground style candy floss at home in minutes. Like most of these makers this machine spins sugar into bunches of fluffy cotton candy as the machine heats up. This one has a 500 watt motor.



VWsiouev Cotton Candy Floss Maker

This maker is classed as a mini cotton candy machine and has a stainless steel bottom groove, and a ceramic heating tube. This cart style is popular at younger kids parties or girly sleepovers

It is very simple to create cotton candy for the whole family with just one spoonful of sugar.



Balvi Candy floss machine American Dream

This model is designed for home use, and it is compact so takes up less space. It is ideal for children's parties. There is just one button for operation and it works with normal granulated sugar. The upper tray is removable for easy cleaning.

Best Commercial Candy Floss Machine



KITGARN Candy Floss Maker

This model is designed for commercial use. This is a very efficient machine that can make 7 servings per minute and can make a candy floss every 30 seconds. 

This maker has an On/Off switch, a voltage meter, fuse and booster.

It also has a stainless steel pan and scoop.

It is suitable for cafes, coffee shops, bakery, etc and also great for celebrations such as birthday parties, festivals, carnivals and fairs.

Candy Floss Making Video

As we have mentioned already, if you have never used one of these before, then you will find that they are very simple to use. It does take a little bit of time to get the very best results but when you do, they do produce great tasting candy floss.

We have included a video below on exactly how to do just that.

Candy Floss Maker Buying Guide

The good news is there is not a lot to learn or really know about these makers. It is basically heat and sugar. You would turn your machine on and allow it to heat up. Then add your sugar. After that it is just a question of twirling the candy around on the stick.

Motor Size

Most electrical appliances will use a motor to make them work. Most of the motors on these home machines will use a 500 watt motor. When it comes to candy floss makers, the motor achieves two things.

  1. The larger the motor the faster it will heat up, which is always good especially if you have kids waiting for candy floss
  2. It also determines how quickly the machine will spin.

Sugar Type

Many of the manufacturers recommend using special candy sugar, but it works fine with caster sugar, and many work fine with ordinary granulated sugar. It is a matter of trying these out.

Candy floss sugar is the best option though as it is designed for the purpose.

Candy Floss Accessories - Sticks and Sugar

You will also need the candy floss sticks such as those you see in the image.

You get 50 of these for around £3.50 so not too badly priced. They have been specially finished and that helps make sure that the floss will stick to the wood.

They are made from birch and are really good quality. They measure 3.5 x 3.5 x 50 mm so the perfect size.

Candy floss sugar is always going to be the best type of sugar to use. Due to the flavouring and colouring especially developed for cotton candy, your machine will not stick and you will get fruity cotton candy in intense colours with every machine.

This sugar is hand made in Austria and with the option to the right you get, 4 fragrant amazing flavours at home. Green apple, Blueberry, Banana or Bubble gum.

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