Best Combination Steam Oven UK Reviews 2022

Updated May 2022

The difference between a combination steam oven and your traditional oven is simply the cooking process. The steam oven uses pressurised steam rather than the normal dry heat method. As such, there are a number of advantages to be had with this method.


The main one is speed, and for roasting and baking, using steam is simply much faster. People who cook know that to roast in a conventional oven means that you do have to baste the food, with fats and oils to keep the food moisturised. With a steam oven there is simply no requirement to do that at all.

Much Healthier

If you don’t have to use butter and fats such as lard, then by steaming your food, it really does help retain all the natural goodness of your food. When you think about it you know that vegetables for example, are all packed with good vitamins and nutrients. Put those into boiling water, or a microwave, and many of those are lost. Steam cooking ensures that you get the best retention of all of those important nutrients.

What The Pros Use

All the best chefs use these to get the best results. They also use these to reheat food as well. As a result the food is much tastier and has a more natural taste and a full flavour. However a steam oven of this nature is very expensive, and will only ever be found in high end restaurants.

The Main Drawback of Steam Ovens

Now although all of the above is good, the main drawback is that this type of steam oven is useless for browning. If you like crispy potatoes, well browned roasts etc then these will not do that job. That is why many people use this type of oven for vegetables and fish, rather than for roasting.

For those that like the best of both worlds, then a better choice is what is called a combination steam oven. With one of those you get both the healthy steam option, combined with a conventional oven, for those who like to roast meats and certain vegetables.

So that is why we are going to look at which of these combination steam ovens are currently available in the UK market.

No 1 Choice – Panasonic Premium Combination Oven

Panasonic Premium Combination OvenThis one is the most popular, but it does cost around £375. It is however the best on the market right now in my opinion. Buyers would agree with that. as this one is rated at 4.7 out of 5 stars which is excellent.

The two important elements of this one are the 1,000 watt inverter microwave and the 1,300 Quartz Grill.


Essentially this is a microwave, with a 32 litre capacity, but use a flat bed instead of a spinning turntable.  That means you can put different size and shapes of dishes into your oven, as there is no turning action, that would otherwise prevent this.

For the conventional part of the oven, a fan circulates heat around the oven for more conventional heating and cooking. This is a great option for those who are modernising their home and do not want a traditional oven. It is also a very good buy for anyone with a holiday home.

It is not actually a steam combination oven though, but it gets included as one by many sellers, so I thought I should add it here.

You can read more reviews by clicking here.

No 2 Choice – Electrolux 6 Grid Combination Steamer

Electrolux 6 Grid 1-1GN Combination SteamerI mentioned earlier that full blown combination steam ovens were VERY expensive. I thought I would show you what I mean by that.

This one costs around £10,000 if you happen to have some spare change laying around. There is no doubt that this is right at the top of he range, but clearly this is for industrial use only.

It would be nice to have one of these in your kitchen, and I guess if you are a millionaire, you just might have.


Ah well, we can all dream. I don’t know anyone who has one of these, but at least you now know what they look like. I know a couple of chefs and they have used these, and they are great. If you are at all interested, you can click here to have a look on Amazon

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