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Updated June 2022

If you love your crepes, then buying a crepe maker will allow you to have them in the comfort of your own home, just any time you like.

Crepes are very popular in most European countries and have their foundation in France.  As you may already know, a crepe is simply a thin French pancake. It can then be served with sweet or savoury fillings or toppings. It is what many people call an indulgence. There are of course some special types of crepe, the most famous ones being, Crepe Suzettes.

They differ from the fluffy American style and those that our parents made at home. Almost always, crepes are much larger and thinner, and are typically folded or rolled.

Crepe makers have wat is called a "low profile" and that simply means it is easier to thinly spread the batter. Just below we have rounded up the top crepe makers for home use and provided a guide for features to look for.

What Type of Pans can be used to make Crepes?

There are three models of crepe makers that are suitable for use in the home. These are:

  1. A crepe pan
  2. An electric crepe maker
  3. A cordless electric crepe maker

We will briefly explain these three options so as you can decide which type of crepe maker is best suited for your needs.

Crepe Pans

You can buy these in different sizes ranging from 7.5 inches up to 16 inches. The most popular choice by far is a pan that has a 10 to 12-inch diameter pan. The pan is heated on your cooker, and then you pour on the batter.

The batter is then spread by slowly rotating your wrist and allowing the batter to cover the pans surface. After that you simply have to master the art of flipping if you feel brave enough.

These do take a little bit of practise, but once you get the hang of that, then making crepes and pancakes is pretty easy, and can really make breakfast a great deal more interesting for the family.

Crepe pans will have some type of non-stick coating. They are typically made from cast iron, enameled cast-iron and aluminium is preferred as it also helps make these lighter.

Improvements in the manufacturing of these also allow these pans to have cool handles which was always a problem with the older cast iron pans.

Our Top Picks for Crepe Pans



ProCook Granite Stone Non-Stick Crepe Pan

This is the highest rated online and it is a 28 cm pan. The sides are just high enough to hold your batter but low enough to let you get a pan slice under the crepe when you need to flip it.

It has a cast aluminium base with a triple layer of non-stick coating. It also has a heat resistant handle.

Suitable for all types of hob, including gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, solid plate and induction hobs. You can place the pan in the dishwasher to clean.

Comes with a 25 year guarantee.



Colourworks KitchenCraft Non-Stick Pancake Pan

Available in a variety of colours. This is a 24 cm pan and very popular with online buyers. This pan can be used for cooking pancakes, crepes and omelettes.

Like all of this type of crepe pan, this one has a non-stick coating which releases pancakes quickly and easily. It also makes it easier to clean.

It is made of strong aluminium for fast, even heating, and has a comfy handle for easy flipping



Tefal Elegance Aluminium Crepe Pan

This pan has a non-stick coating that has been reinforced with mineral particles,  tp protects against scratches. They are very easy to clean with a sponge and are dishwasher safe too.

This pan is suitable for gas and electric cookers

It is made of lightweight aluminium, and has a bakelite handle. It is oven safe up to 175°C for an hour.



GonZalo GraCia Marble Coated Pancake Maker Crepe Pan For Induction and Gas Hob

This is classed as a heavy duty crepe pan and is suitable for gas and induction Hobs. It has a specially designed heat proof grip for extra safety & easy use.

The non-stick coating provides a superior surface that requires less cooking oil. You can use plastic , wooden , silicon or nylon utensils to avoid scratching non stick surface.

It has a stainless steel induction base which provides an even heat distribution throughout.



Non-Stick Flat Tawa Tava Marble Coating Crepe Pan

This is a marble coated non-stick flat tawa and with a marble costing you will never have to worry about unevenly cooked or burnt food.

It has riveted handles which are known to be the sturdiest handles, due to their strong construction.

This flat tawa has a CD/Disc base for even heat distribution You will require less butter or oil for cooking those tasty pancakes, chapati's or even dosa's. This flat tawa is suitable for electric, ceramic, halogen and gas hobs. 

Best Electric Crepe Makers

The main brands are:

  • Breville
  • Andrew James
  • Dopo

How Much do Electric Crepe Makers Cost?

Electric crepe makers cost between £20-45 depending on which brand and which model you eventually decide to go for.

The average cost for a good quality crepe maker is about £30.

Like any other small kitchen appliance, we strongly advise that you really only consider buying a crepe maker if it is going to get regular use. Otherwise, it will end up as another gadget stored in a cupboard.

The beauty of these is that they can be used to make pancakes and crepes. That means they can get used at breakfast, for parties and for making deserts.

Unlike the crepe pan, these do take the guess work out of making crepes and pancakes.

Our Top Picks for Electric Crepe Makers



Breville VTP130 Traditional Crepe Maker

Most people and those of us in the UK will certainly recognise the Breville brand. With this particular model they have kept their design very traditional and as such, will suit most kitchen styles.

It  can also be used to make pancakes, crêpes, omelettes, blinis and more in minutes. It has a fast heat-up and variable temperature control with five settings. This has a 30 cm-wide, non-stick-coated aluminium plate for easy cleaning. It comes with the crêpe ‘T Stick’ spreading tool and booklet including sweet and savoury recipes
Power-on and ready-to-cook indicator lights and cord storage. 12 inch Wipe-clean non-stick heating plate

This one has an average price of around £25 and for a 1,000 watt plate with rapid heat up and variable settings, that is indeed great value for money. 



SEVERIN CM 2198 Crêpe-Maker

This is a not a brand that will be that familiar, but buyers do rate this model really highly with a good solid online rating. it prices in just under £40 so not a cheap option for a crepe maker, but it is from a well known and liked brand in Germany.

Like the others, this one comes with a wooden spatula and the crepe turning stick. It also has a variable thermostat, an On/Off switch, and non-slip feet. It also has a 2 year warranty.



Electric Pancake & Crepe Maker by StarBlue

This model has a food grade aluminum plate with a non-sticky smooth surface and allows you to try out your creative crepe patterns and makes food flipping hassle free.

It uses a 1000 Watt plate and has a simple rotating knob to let you set the temperature. The plate is 30.5cm plate, so you can prepare meals for your entire family like a professional.

Comes with a bonus cookbook which contains a number of mouth-watering recipes.



Andrew James Crepe & Pancake Maker

This has a large 13 inch diameter surface that lets you cook thin French-style crepes or fat American pancakes. It uses a 1200 watt motor for fast heating and can reach temperatures of up to 250˚C.

You can control the cooking temperature via the dial on the front.
It comes with the tools and accessories you need to create authentic crepes and pancakes and includes a silicone oil brush, ladle, batter spreader and wooden spatula.

It also has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.



Domo DO8709P Pancake/Crepe Maker

Last but not least we have the Domo brand which allows you to bake your very own delicious crepes. This model can make up to 6 crepes of 11.5 cm at one time. It has a quality non-stick coating and comes with a dough ladle.

It is also very fast and takes about half of the time to make when compared to using a traditional frying pan.

Cordless Crepe Makers

Like most appliances, these crepe makers are now available as a cordless option. They work in a similar fashion to a kettle. The base does have an electrical lead, but the actual maker sits on top of this and can therefore be portable.

There are not a lot of these on the UK market as yet, but we have found a couple which you can read about below.

Our Top Picks for Cordless Crepe Makers



CucinaPro 1447 Cordless Crepe Maker

This has a 7-1/2 inch diameter non-stick cooking surface that has a cordless cooking plate. This sits on an electric cord base with cord wrap.



Cloer 677 Crepe Maker

This model can make very thin crêpes within seconds. The baking area is 18.5 cm. It has a cordless 360° central contact so as you can set down and take-off from any position. This is baking without the annoying cable. It has a non-stick coating and comes with a batter bowl.

Crepe Making Videos

Below we have included a couple of video on how to make some great crepes. The first one is about how to make crepes without a crepe maker:

Hopefully you are better informed about the various types of crepe makers that are currently available on the UK market.

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