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If you love your crepes, then buying a maker will allow you to have them in the comfort of your own home, just any time you like. Now I am a huge fan of these and I like them a lot! As you know a crepe is simply a thin French pancake. It can then be served with sweet or savoury fillings or toppings. It is what I call an indulgence.

There are of course some special types of crepe, the most famous ones being, Crepe Suzettes.

Crepe makers cost between £15-30 depending on which brand and which model you eventually decide to go for. The main brands are:

  • VonShef
  • Breville
  • Andrew James


No 1 Choice – 12″ Non-Stick Electric Pancake Crepe Maker

Non Stick Electric Pancake Crepe Omelette Maker Frying Pan MachineIn terms of value for money this is your best choice for a good quality crepe maker. This one costs just a little over £15 and yet gets the highest rating by buyers over at Amazon UK

Like any good crepe or pancake maker this one has a non-stick surface and the controls on this one make it super easy to use.

This product is starting to sell a lot, and buyers at Amazon have rated this at 4.8 out of 5 stars. Do I need to say any more? That as you can see is an excellent rating and puts it at the top of the pile

This machine can also be used to make omelettes, blinis and pancakes so a good number of uses. It comes with the crepe “T-stick” and also with a useful wooden spoon. You can check out the reviews at Amazon UK by clicking here.

No 2 Choice – Andrew James 1200 Watt Professional Electric Crepe Maker

Andrew James 1200 Watt Professional Electric Crepe MakerIf you are prefer to own a brand name, and many of us do, then I would recommend this one from the Andrew James brand.

This one only costs about £28 so more expensive than the one above. It also gets very good reviews and it is a more powerful machine that the first one that I have mentioned.

This is a proper professional choice and it comes with the batter spreader, a wooden spatula, the oil brush and a ladle.

It makes good use of a cast aluminium hotplate, which has a very smooth and non-stick surface so ideal for fast cooking and also for easy removal from the hotplate to your plate. This one is a popular choice for many buyers and most certainly looks the part.

Check out the reviews at Amazon UK

There are a few more which I think are worth a look at, and they are also from some very good and well known brands in the UK.

No 3 Choice – Breville VTP130 Traditional Crepe Maker

Breville VTP130 Traditional Crêpe MakerMost people and those of us in the UK will certainly recognise the Breville brand. With this particular model they have kept their design very traditional and as such, will suit most kitchen styles.

Like the one from Andrew James above, this one can also be used to make pancakes, blinis and omelettes in just a few minutes.

This one has an average price of around £22 and for a 1,000 watt plate with rapid heat up and variable settings, that is indeed great value for money. Buyers at Amazon, and there are a lot of them, rate this model from Breville at 4.5 out of 5 stars, a very solid and consistent rating.

You can read those reviews by clicking here.

No 4 Choice – SEVERIN CM 2198 Crepe Maker

SEVERIN CM 2198 Crêpe-MakerThis is a not a brand that I was familiar with but buyers do rate this model really highly with a good 4.8 out of 5 stars. So clearly this is not a choice to be ignored.

It prices in just under £30 so not a cheap option for a crepe maker, but when I checked out the brand, they are certainly well known and liked in Germany.

With that in mind, you can almost be certain that this one is very high quality, and the reviews that I have read would strongly support that as well.

Like the others, this one comes with a wooden spatula and the crepe turning stick.

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No 5 Choice – VonShef Professional High Quality Crepe Maker

VonShef Professional High Quality Electric Crepe and Pancake MakeThe VonShef brand is one of my favourite brands and many people make this model their number one choice. When you see that it has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating, you may decide that you want this model as well.

It has a very fast and very powerful 1,250 watt heating plate, and comes with a variable temperature control.

For around £23, depending on where you make your purchase, this one I think is exceptional value for money. You do get all of the important accessories including the t- batter spreader, the oil brush, the wooden spatula and the ladle.

This model also comes with a full 2-year warranty.

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So those are in my opinion the top 5 rated crepe makers currently available in the UK market.

Below I have included a couple of video on how to make some great crepes. The first one is about how to make crepes without a crepe maker:

I guess that is ok if you are a gifted chef. The video below shows you the experts doing it in style:

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