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Updated June 2022

As most people will know, eggs are a fantastic form of nutrition. There are many methods used to cook an egg that include frying them, scrambling, poaching, making omelets etc.

And of course there is also the joy of a boiled egg. The most common method of achieving a boiled egg is to boil it water in a saucepan. As long as you get your timing right, then you can have a boiled egg just the way that you like it.

The traditional timing for a so called "perfect boiled egg" is 4 minutes. We think it actually depends how you prefer your egg, but most people like it properly cooked and just a little bit runny.

4 minute boiled egg

In the video below, you can see how to do this in the traditional boiling method. It does work, but you will need a saucepan and you will need some type of timer.

Likewise, you can also boil an egg in a microwave oven. If you want to see that then check out this video below and you will know exactly how to make a boiled egg quickly for breakfast.

So those are a couple of useful options when it comes to boiling an egg. However, this article is about using a gadget known as an egg boiler to get fast results and no cleaning up afterwards.

What is an Egg Boiler?

These are basically a small compact cooker. They are very easy to operate as in its most simple form, it is nothing more than a hot plate which steams the eggs. They do use a small amount of water and they turn off automatically when your egg or eggs are ready.

The reason most people use these is to quickly make eggs without the hassle. That is really important especially at breakfast time. You can get on with doing more important things, while the egg boiler cooks and gets your eggs ready.

Top 10 Electric Egg Boilers in the UK

Our Top Egg Boiler Picks



Arendo Electric Egg Boiler

This Arendo egg boiler has the highest customer satisfaction rating online. It can boil up to 6 eggs with individually adjustable degrees of hardness (soft / medium / hard)

It has overheating protection measuring cup with an egg piercer. It is made from high quality stainless steel design. 



NETTA Electric Egg Boiler for 7 Eggs

This NETTA Electric Egg Boiler has the capability of boiling up to 7 eggs at a time. It comes with a measuring cup. This product also offers the option of having poached eggs.

It has a sleek and stylish design and includes an egg piercer, measuring cup and a poaching tray. The black and silver design ensures that this egg boiler will add a modern touch to any kitchen.
A buzzer will sound once the required amount of water has boiled meaning you know when your eggs are ready.



Lakeland Electric 6 Hole Egg Boiler, Poacher & Omelette Maker

This egg boiler has a selector for soft, medium or hard yolks, and you can boil up to 6 eggs at once. It can be used for boiled, poached, scrambled, and you can even make an omelette.

It comes with recipes, an egg tray, a poaching dish and omelette dish all of which are dishwasher safe. It comes with a 3 year warranty.



Neo® 3 in 1 Electric Egg Cooker, Boiler, Poacher & Omelette Maker

This is a very popular choice online as it can boil, poach and also make omelettes. It uses a large poaching tray. It has an On/off button with pilot light. There is a buzzer alert and automatic cut off when the eggs are ready. It comes with a detachable egg tray and it has a stainless steel lid. The heating plate is easy to clean. This model also has a multi-functional egg shelf design, for different size of eggs.



VonShef 3 in 1 Egg Boiler Poacher and Omelette Maker

With this one you can boil, poach and make omelettes. You can boil up to 7 eggs. This model sells really well online and is one of the most affordable.

It has a power indicator light, automatic power turn-off and over temperature protection. It comes with a 2-year warranty.



Salter EK2783 Electric Boiled Poached Egg Cooker

This Salter egg boiler can cook up to six at once in the egg rack. This cooker has a power switch, indicator light and automatic switch off once the cooking is complete. It comes with a measuring jug to cook soft, medium or hard boiled eggs. You also get 2 poaching trays.



Swan SF21020N 7 Egg Boiler and Poacher

This model can boil up to seven or poach up to three eggs. It has 3 different settings so as you  you can cook your eggs to your choice of either hard, medium or soft.

It has an auto shut off feature and a buzzer sounds when the eggs are ready. It has a stainless steel lid and includes a measuring cup, egg tray and poacher. It is easy to clean, all accessories can be wiped clean and are also dishwasher safe.



Duronic EB35 Electric 7 Egg Boiler Steamer Cooker

This egg boiler can boil up to 7 eggs. It has an egg piercer built onto the measuring cup. This boiler also has a low and high reheat function to help you reheat eggs. There is an alarm function that will notify you when the eggs are read.

This model has a stainless steel finish, a pull out egg tray and a handle for easy carrying. It also has a transparent lid for easy observation whilst your eggs are being cooked to perfection.



Nutri-Q 34360 Healthy Eating Egg Boiler with Poaching Tray

You can boil or poach with this egg boiler. Many buyers like this one because of the stainless steel lid. It can boil up to 7 eggs at once in 6-12 minutes.

It comes with a measuring jug. The instructions will guide you on the amount of water that is required depending on the quantity of eggs.



Ansio Egg Boiler Electric 7 Hole Egg Boiler

This egg boiler cooks up to a maximum of seven boiled eggs at one time. It also comes with a bowl for making poached egg/ omelette. It has a measuring cup with guidelines for the quantity of water to be used for cooking eggs according to your preference- soft, medium or hard. It also has an automatic power turn off when the eggs are cooked. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

How do Egg Boilers Work?

If you have never used one of these before, then you will find that they are very simple to use. Essentially you use a measuring jug (comes with the appliance) to add water to the egg boiler. Then you prick or pinch the egg using the provided tool.

Once that is done you pop it into the egg boiler, set the timer and do whatever else it is you have to get done. With most of them there is an alarm that will let you know when it is finished. This is a convenience kitchen appliance gadget.

It will allow you to quickly set up boiling your eggs so as you can get on with doing other things. It is also great for egg lovers who can never just seem to get it right.

Many people seem to buy this as a gift for someone. No matter what the reason maybe, they are a handy little item to have around the home at breakfast time.

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