Best Electric Knife Sharpener UK Reviews 2022

Updated June 2022

In this article we take a look at the best electric knife sharpener currently available in the UK. Anyone looking for one of these gadgets will already know the benefits of using an electric knife. The bottom line is though, that they have blades. Like any blade, at some point, it will need to be sharpened.

There are many ways to sharpen a blade. Electric sharpeners are the easiest to use and require little skill to get a very good job done. There are of course highly skilled trade’s people who can manually achieve superb results. However they are highly trained and use metal workshop equipment to do that.

To get a professional job like that done would actually cost you more than your knife set may be worth. So unless you own a really expensive set of kitchen knives, it is better to buy an electric knife sharpener and do it yourself.

Japanese Knives – Do not use any of the common types of electric sharpener on expensive Japanese bladed knives. Those knife types have a special angled blade and require a different sharpening method.

Below we have included the top 3 knife sharpeners currently on sale in the UK.

No 1 Seller – AnySharp Knife Sharpener with PowerGrip

AnySharp Knife Sharpener with PowerGripThis one is the best selling knife sharpener for a couple of main reasons. The first is of course that it works really well on all shapes and sizes of knives. The second reason is that it costs just under £9

This product has sold in its thousands, and over 4,000 buyers at Amazon have rated this at 4.6 out of 5 stars. Do I need to say any more? That alone should tell you how really useful this sharpener is to have around your kitchen.

This one can be used on all the main types of knives and blades that you would normally use around your kitchen. That includes your kitchen scissors, or any other scissors that require a sharpening. It can even manage those knives that have serrated edges.

It is attached to any surface using a suction pad, and then knives can quickly be sharpened with a simple one handed motion. It also comes with a very nice 2 year warranty.


It is small and light. That means you can easily store it in a kitchen drawer or cupboard when not in use. It comes with a 100% product lifetime warranty that covers every part of the sharpener. Something like this can really extend the life of your knives and make them usable for years to come.

Caution: Some buyers have stated that this type of sharpener is very good on older knives that are really blunt. However they caution that, this sharpener does remove a lot of metal. If you were to use this regularly that could reduce the actual life of your knife over time. This is due to the nature of the product and how it sharpens.

No 2 Seller – Premium Knife Sharpener by Harcas

premium-knife-sharpener-by-harcasNow this one is the number one choice made by chefs who do have to keep their knives in tip top order.

This one is also not expensive at around £10 and also gets a 4.7 out of 5 stars, so equally as good with none of the worries about longer term potential damage.

This model from Harcas gets really strong reviews.

This one has two settings built into it. One is for really blunt knives and the other is a finer honing setting to give a razor sharp edge. So in essence if your kitchen knife or scissors were really blunt, you would use the coarser setting first, and then fine tune it with the honing section.


The manufacturer offers a no quibble money back guarantee if this does not sharpen your knives to a high standard. It has a non slip base and can sharpen knives, scissors, meat cleavers, serrated edges and even pruning shears.

Click Here to Read More Reviews at Amazon

No 3 Choice – Knife Sharpener by Zealworld

Knife Sharpener by ZealworldThis one, that also costs just under £10, gets the highest rating of all three shown here on our list. Like the one above it uses this two tier system of sharpening and does deliver great results.

Just be aware that this one should not be used on either serrated knives or ceramic knives.


Using this sharpener does not take a great deal of effort. It is super simple to use. All you need to do is run the edge of the knife across the ceramic rods, inside the sharpener.  In just a few strokes you will have a really sharp blade.

Buyers rate this model as 4.8 out of 5 stars, so the highest rated of all of these types of electric sharpeners.

You can read more about this one by clicking here.


Those are the top 3 rates electric knife sharpeners, currently available in the UK market.

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