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Updated May 2022

Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews on the best electric food steamers, that are currently available on the UK market.

Most people who cook will already know, that steaming food is a very healthy method of cooking.

In this article we look at the best food steamers, rather than those you have to put on to a cooker or a stove.

Our Top Electric Steam Picks for UK Buyers



Tefal VC145140 Convenient Series Steamer

With this Tefal branded electric steamer you can enjoy all the benefits of steam cooking and create delicious recipes very simply

This model has a 60 minutes timer with automatic switch off
It is made from high quality and durable stainless steel

This one can be easily filled even during cooking
It has a visible water level

It has a neat and tidy compact storage that will save space
A rice and pulses accessory is included

This steamer gets a 95% buyer satisfaction rating based on 600+ online buyer reviews



Aigostar Fitfoodie Electric Food Steamer

This Aigostar steamer is a 3-tier 800W steamer steam suitable for cooking fish, meat and vegetables etc

It can quickly produce steam in 15 seconds

It is made from a food-grade material and BPA plastic

It has good safety features that include overheating protection, automatic shut-off when running out of water, and a sound reminding when finish steaming.

There are water inlets on both sides and waterline indicator on base, which make topping up water supply easy

It also has an egg holder for boiling eggs easily, while the 0-60 minute timer lets you set the perfect cooking time.

It also has a juice accumulating plate to prevent dripping

It is dishwasher-safe.

This steamer gets a 95% buyer satisfaction rating based on 500+ online buyer reviews



Russell Hobbs 21140 3-Tier Food Steamer

This electric steamer is a great choice for steaming rice, vegetables, meat and fish.

It has a powerful 800 watt turbo steam design, allowing you to cook food on multiple levels all at once

It has 3 separate basket layers that give a generous 9 litre capacity ideal when entertaining guests or cooking for larger families.

It has 2 water inlets, one on each side you can easily refill your steamer, regardless of where it's sat on your kitchen worktop
Requiring no oil and giving off no smoke, steaming your food leaves very little mess to clean up after you have finished

This steamer gets a 92% buyer satisfaction rating based on 3,800+ online buyer reviews



Aigostar Electric Food Steamer

This steamer has an 800 watt motor that heats the waterin the base to form a steam ring on the base in about 15 seconds

There is a built-in 60-minute timer, and also will shut-off automatically as soon as the time is up

It has a stainless steel housing with a water gauge which indicates the max and min water levels

It also has 2 side water inlets that makes refilling easy

This unit also has 3 tier stackable and removable BPA-free transparent containers, with each container having a 3 litre capacity

It also has a BPA free lid and rice bowl for regular steaming and an egg holder for boiling eggs conveniently.

There is also overheating protection and dry-heating prevention.

This steamer gets a 95% buyer satisfaction rating based on 500+ online buyer reviews



NaturoPure Food Steamer

This model has an easy to read digital display, with 6 preset programs for various food types

It also has a 99 minute timer

This is a large 11.5 litre steamer with a 1 litre water capacity

It has durable stainless steel housing, with collapsible containers for smaller storage spaces.

There are detachable separators to offer flexibility in size, a water level indicator to see water level at a glance and dishwasher safe parts for easy and safe cleaning.

It also has a boil-dry prevention mechanism that turns the device off if water runs out.

This steamer gets a 95% buyer satisfaction rating based on 500+ online buyer reviews



Salter EK2726 Healthy Cooking 3-Tier Food Rice Meat Vegetable Steamer

This is a 3 tier food steamer and each bowl is removable so you can cook using one, two or three tiers depending on how many people you are cooking for.
It measures 20L x 23W x 41h cm, so is easy to store away and features a stylish stainless steel body which will look great in your home.
The steamer has a large water reservoir, a 60 minute timer to aid cooking and it comes with a rice bowl for steaming rice perfectly.
It is ideal for cooking rice, meat and vegetables and has an automatic shut-off for safety.

This steamer gets a 95% buyer satisfaction rating based on 500+ online buyer reviews



Morphy Richards Three Tier Steamer

This is a 3-tier steamer from this very popular brand in the UK You can uses each compartment for cooking different food.

It produces steam almost instantly for faster cooking

This model has a 9 litre capacity so ideal for the preparation of family meals and for entertaining.

It also has a 1.1 litre rice container.

Like most good steamers this has a neat stacking system for easy storage.

This steamer gets a 95% buyer satisfaction rating based on 500+ online buyer reviews



AmazonBasics 23 in 1 Multi-Purpose Electric Steamer

This is a multi-purpose electric cooker with 15 pre-set menu options that will allow you to cook, meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, rice etc

This unit has a 5.5-litre capacity that offers a useful size for entertaining or everyday cooking for the family.

It has an easy-to-use control panel with LED display; includes manual mode, 24-hour delay start, a pressure indicator, and automatic keep warm

It has a brushed stainless-steel housing; CE, UL, and ULC certified with 10 proven safety mechanisms.

This steamer gets a 95% buyer satisfaction rating based on 500+ online buyer reviews



Russell Hobbs Food Collection Compact Food Steamer

This is a compact food steamer in brushed stainless steel and black finish from the popular Russell Hobbs brand

It has a 7 litre capacity

This model has 3 baskets which are stackable

It also has a 60 minute timer that lets you know when food is ready

It comes with a rice bowl.

This steamer gets a 95% buyer satisfaction rating based on 500+ online buyer reviews



Quest 35220 3 Tier Compact Food Steamer

This Quest food steamer has a 7.2 litre capacity, with 3 tiers and comes with a rice bowl.

It has a high quality stainless steel base and 3 steaming layers that can be used singularly or together to steam various food types.

The steamer has a 60 minute timer function which is ideal for switching on and getting out of the kitchen for a while.
Perfect for cooking most delicate foods. 

This steamer gets a 88% buyer satisfaction rating based on 200+ online buyer reviews

Electric Steamer FAQ

Do you have to use all three tiers at once?

No. You can use a single tier, 2 tiers or all of the tiers. If you are doing for example 2 types of vegetables, then put the hardest to cook in the bottom tier. Food placed in the lower tiers, will cook slightly faster.

Do electric steamers use much electricity?

All of these have different power settings. That is the number of watts required to create the steam, by heating the water. The smaller ones use about 400 watts, and the larger ones around 800 watts. In the UK, the average price of electricity is approximately 14 pence a unit. A unit is measure as 1 kilo watt for one hour.

So a 400 watt steamer would cost about 6 pence an hour, and an 800 watt would cost about 12 pence an hour.

Can You Add Water During the Steaming Process If It Gets Low?

You can, however it is not easy. The Russell Hobbs one above has side vents, so water can be added easily. For most models though, you have to remove the tiers, and then fill the base. That can be annoying and time consuming.

Is There A Risk of Burning With An Electric Steamer?

Where there is heat and steam, there is always a risk of burning oneself. The biggest risk that most buyers stated (and I have suffered from) is when you want to empty the drip tray. That water is roasting hot and it is easy to spill on the way to the sink.

What Can You Cook In An Electric Steamer?

You can cook all vegetables, fish, chicken, rice, cous cous, and even dumplings. Most root vegetables like potatoes or carrots can take 30-40 minutes. Other vegetables like cabbage or broccoli take about 30 minutes. Of course the smaller these are cut, the quicker they will cook.

Are Electric Steamers Hard to Use?

No. In fact there are very few things to do. Put water in the base and switch it on. Put your food in the containers and let it cook. Some of them will have alarms, some even have programs. The main models though have little more than an on/off button.

Are Steamers Hard to Clean?

Most of them you can put into the dishwasher. The electric unit of course can not go in there. Usually all that needs is a quick wipe with a cloth. If you cook fish or meat in the tiers, then I have found that those can stick just a little. Personally I do not like putting plastic parts into a dishwasher. Overtime the high heat causes hairline cracks and makes them fragile. A quick hand wash is the better method, and they are easy enough to clean like that.

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