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Best Food Steamer UK Reviews 2017

Most people who cook will already know, that steaming food is a very healthy method of cooking. In this article we look at the best food steamers, which are currently available on the UK market place. These are the electric versions, rather than those you have to put on to a cooker or a stove.

Top 5 Rated Electric Steamers

*These are prices are based on average RRP. They may not always be current and accurate. These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more. Please be sure to double-check the actual price before making your final purchase. Please also note that the ratings used are based out of a maximum score of 5 stars. These can also change so make sure to check at the time of purchase. They are accurate from the date this article was published.
Product NameImageAverage RatingAverage PriceCheck at Amazon UK
Morphy Richards 48755 3 Tier Food Steamernumber 1 rated electric food steamer4.6£30Check It Out
Sensio Home Steama 3 Tier Electric Food Steamernumber 2 rated electric food steamer4.6£30Check It Out
Russell Hobbs 21140 Three Tier Food Steamernumber 3 rated electric food steamer4.4£30Check It Out
Tefal Mini Compact Food Steamer VC135215number 4 rated electric food steamer4.4£35Check It Out
Sabichi 3-Tier Manual Food Steamernumber 5 rated electric food steamer4.3£16Check It Out

No 1 Choice – Morphy Richards 48755 3 Tier Food Steamer

number 1 rated electric food steamerLike many of these food steamers, this Morphy Richards model is the classic 3-tier style. The unit itself is made from good quality stainless steel.

It has a large 9 litre capacity so ideal for all sizes of family. There is also the very useful water gauge. I would strongly recommend having that on any steamer that you decide to buy.

It measures 20 x 32.3 x 42.5 cm and weighs around 2.6 Kg. It uses 600 watts of power. An hour’s worth of cooking, using this power will cost you around 14 pence.

Like all on the list, this model is perfect for steaming vegetables, potatoes, chicken rice and fish. This one has the added advantage of having a rice tray.

There is also a timer on this and that I have found to be very useful. The trays and the lid are dishwasher safe. There is also a handy removable drip tray and that makes the steamer easy to clean. The tiers stack together neatly for convenient storage.

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No 2 Choice – Sensio Home Steama 3 Tier Electric Food Steamer

number 2 rated electric food steamerThis model from Sensio certainly catches the eye. It also has quite a unique twist, that many buyers really like. The individual tiers that you can see, are of course used initially in the electric steamer itself. However, these can be detached and then stored in the fridge. These also have a lock to keep them tight and secure.

Like the one above the parts are all dishwasher safe. It also has a full 9 litre capacity, so plenty of room for family meals.

It has an automatic safety cut-off that should offer potential buyers peace of mind. It also has a 60 minute timer, so as the steamer can be preset.  It measures 32 x 24 x 33 cm and weighs in and around 3.2 Kg.

For those who like the fuller details, this steamer has 1 container that can store up to 4 litres and the other 2 both store 2.5 litres each. There is also an extra 1.5 litre rice bowl included.

For those with children , it is worth noting that these are also BPA-Free.

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No 3 Choice – Russell Hobbs 21140 Three Tier Food Steamer

number 3 rated electric food steamerKeeping in lines with most makes of steamer, this popular Russell Hobbs steamer, is also a 3-tier steaming system. This one certainly looks more traditional, than the Sensio.

Like the first two, there is a 9 litre capacity. There are a few differences though with this model. Those are worth pointing out. This one is ready to go very quickly, and you actually get your first steam in about 40 seconds. That, believe me is very fast.

Mainly that is down to the 800 watts of power, and the turbo boost. It will use a little more electricity, so slightly more expensive to run, but ideal for those who want food cooked quickly.

This model also has side water vents. That means you can add some water if you need to, without having to take the lid off. That can be very useful at times.

It measures 28 x 28 x 27 cm and weighs about 2.1 Kg. Buyers all state that this one is easy to clean.

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No 4 Choice – Tefal Mini Compact Food Steamer VC135215

number 4 rated electric food steamerThis Tefal model I think looks really good. Please note though that this is a mini steamer. As such it has a cooking capacity of 6.5 litres, so smaller than the three listed above.

It is still a very powerful compact steamer though. It measures 23.2 x 32.6 x 24.7 cm and weighs 2.2 Kg. This steamer has been designed for those who are pushed for available space in their kitchen.

It has what the manufacturer calls an “Aquatimer.” In layman terms that means the timer controls the level of water needed for each ingredient. It then stops the cooking process when the water has run out.

The steamer is probably the best one for quick and easy storage. The trays are stored upside down on the electrical base. This creates a very small piece that will take next to no space in your cupboards. It is a very clever design feature.

This one would not be ideal for larger families, but is ideal for someone on their own, or for 2 people.

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No 5 Choice – Sabichi 3-Tier Manual Food Steamer

number 5 rated electric food steamerAnd last but not least on our top 5 list of steamers, comes this cool looking steamer from Sabichi. This is a great low budget choice. For well under £20, this one will do the job nicely.

There are 3 removable tiers, that also stack neatly together. It measures 27 x 20 x 20 cm and weighs just 1.3 Kg. It ha s a stainless steel head and the other parts are made from plastic.

The disadvantage of this is that it is, compared to the others, quite low powered. At only 400 watts this one takes a bit longer to steam food. Not ideal for anyone who wants their food cooked fast, but certainly at the price, it still gets the job done.

Like the one above, this is ideal for 1-2 people. It would not be big enough in terms of capacity, to cook for a larger family. If you only wanted to cook vegetable though, it could then easily do that. It really does depend on what you want to use it for.

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Video – How To Use an Electric Steamer

Below you will find a useful video, that shows you how to use an electric steamer. This is the Russell Hobbs model, but they all work on exactly the same principle.

Electric Steamer Buying Guide & FAQ

When checking buyer reviews, we often come across what we call the most frequently asked questions. Below we have tried to answer these to the best of our ability.

Q. Do you have to use all three tiers at once?

A. No. You can use a single tier, 2 tiers or all of the tiers. If you are doing for example 2 types of vegetables, then put the hardest to cook in the bottom tier. Food placed in the lower tiers, will cook slightly faster.

Q. Do electric steamers use much electricity?

A. All of these have different power settings. That is the number of watts required to create the steam, by heating the water. The smaller ones use about 400 watts, and the larger ones around 800 watts. In the UK, the average price of electricity is approximately 14 pence a unit. A unit is measure as 1 kilo watt for one hour.

So a 400 watt steamer would cost about 6 pence an hour, and an 800 watt would cost about 12 pence an hour.

Q. Can You Add Water During the Steaming Process If It Gets Low?

A. You can, however it is not easy. The Russell Hobbs one above has side vents, so water can be added easily. For most models though, you have to remove the tiers, and then fill the base. That can be annoying and time consuming.

Q. Is There A Risk of Burning With An Electric Steamer?

A. Where there is heat and steam, there is always a risk of burning oneself. The biggest risk that most buyers stated (and I have suffered from) is when you want to empty the drip tray. That water is roasting hot and it is easy to spill on the way to the sink.

Q. What Can You Cook In An Electric Steamer?

A. You can cook all vegetables, fish, chicken, rice, cous cous, and even dumplings. Most root vegetables like potatoes or carrots can take 30-40 minutes. Other vegetables like cabbage or broccoli take about 30 minutes. Of course the smaller these are cut, the quicker they will cook.

Q Are Electric Steamers Hard to Use?

A. No. In fact there are very few things to do. Put water in the base and switch it on. Put your food in the containers and let it cook. Some of them will have alarms, some even have programs. The main models though have little more than an on/off button.

Q. Are Steamers Hard to Clean?

A. Most of them you can put into the dishwasher. The electric unit of course can not go in there. Usually all that needs is a quick wipe with a cloth. If you cook fish or meat in the tiers, then I have found that those can stick just a little. Personally I do not like putting plastic parts into a dishwasher. Overtime the high heat causes hairline cracks and makes them fragile. A quick hand wash is the better method, and they are easy enough to clean like that.

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