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fenugreen fresh paper This interesting product was recently discussed on the Oprah Winfrey show. The Freshpaper Produce Saver sheets from Fenugreen, have been designed to save you money, reduce waste and will keep your food fresher for up to 2-4 times longer.

Well now they have arrived in the UK and are already becoming a very popular choice for many people.

How Do Freshpaper Sheets Work?

You simply pop a sheet into a fridge drawer, a salad bag, berry carton or a fruit bowl and it will greatly reduce the time it takes to go off. In simple terms, one of these sheets can extend the life of your fruits and vegetables. Check out the video below to see how it all comes together.

As you can see these were created by Kavita Shukla. It is simply a piece of paper with a pretty distinctive maple like scent. The purpose of the scent is to show that the paper is in what is called “an active state.” It is amazing just how much food we throw away in the UK every single year.

Throughout the world almost 25% of the world’s food is lost simply down to spoilage. According to the National Geographic this is as high as 30%.

If you have ever opened a fridge drawer and found saggy lettuce, wilted strawberries, sad looking spring onions then you know that can be really annoying.

Not only is it annoying but is a waste of food and a waste of your money as well. For me anything that can help extend the life of your food is just a very good thing indeed. Enter the Fenugreen Fresh Paper. So far they have received rave reviews.

Key Benefits of Fresh Paper

fenugreen fresh paper sheetsThese sheets are infused with organic spices that will help extend the life of your fruit and veg.

  1. Saves you money and also helps reduce waste
  2. Award winner
  3. Made in USA using organic spices
  4. Recyclable and Biodegradable

In essence this is a magical paper that stops your food from rotting.

This has got a ton of great reviews such as the one shown to the right from Oprah. There have been many other great endorsements.

What’s In The Pack?

You get a resealable pack and inside you will find 8 sheets. That should be enough to last for 1-2 months depending on how many places you use them. The fridge drawer is one place and perhaps a fruit bowl. Each individual sheet will last for up to three weeks.

You will know that the sheet has reached its end of life when you can no longer smell the maple scent.

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Saves Money & Reduces Waste Naturally! Made with organic spices that naturally keep food fresh.Easy to Use. Simply keep a sheet anywhere you store produce – no wrapping needed!Great for fridge drawers, berry cartons and fruit bowls.

I will be giving these a try myself and will update this article when I have my own results. Some buyers in the USA have said the following:

I was sceptical when these were first given to me. Now I don’t know how I managed to keep fruit and vegetables fresh before. I have purchased these as gifts and Christmas stocking stuffers for family and friends.

This is an amazing product. It does exactly what it says and keeps berries fresh much longer. It’s well worth the money.

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It all sounds pretty good and will update when I have checked out these fresh bags.

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