Welcome to the “Love Your Kitchen” website. The purpose of this website is to offer you unbiased and genuine reviews on the best small kitchen appliances for those of us living in the UK. My wife and I like to do a lot of research when we are buying something new for our kitchen/dining room.

Below you will find many common kitchen appliances and we have created a page on each appliance type. You will find a link to that main page and on there you will find a Top 5 comparison list of the best rated appliances in that particular category.


Breville Blend-Active Pro BlenderIt is always really useful to have some type of blender around your kitchen. As you know these can be used for a whole variety of jobs including soups, smoothies and shakes. We have reviewed a number of the highest rated blenders currently available in the UK market.

There are a whole range of these to pick from so we have gone with those  that attract the highest ratings on a regular and consistent basis. That way you have the assurance that you are only looking at good quality products from good brands.

Blenders come in all shapes, sizes, models, brands and prices so we have tried to make sense of it all, and make your choices a great deal easier.

You can read more about the highest rated blenders by clicking here.


Andrew James Chef's Kitchen BlowtorchThese are a useful gadget to have in your small kitchen appliance list. You have most likely seen the professional chefs use these to do a range of kitchen tasks.

Primarily they are used to give that unique topping to creme brulees. They can also be used to sear meats and fish.

Many cooks also use these for tasks like melting cheese.

They are made by a range of cooking brands. They work off a butane gas which normally plugs in to the bottom of then. Like many kitchen appliances they come in all shapes and sizes, with the mini blowtorch style being the most popular.

You can click here to read reviews on kitchen blowtorches.

Bottle Openers (Electric)

best electric bottle openerThese have to be one of my favourite kitchen gadgets. I really do enjoy my wine. As an avid wine drinker a common task is of course to open the bottle. For screw tops that is pretty basic but for corks you will need a corkscrew.

Now personally I enjoy taking my time and opening a bottle of wine by this method. However I tried out an electric bottle opener and also find this to be really useful. There are plenty of these around made by brands such as Ozeri and Brewberry.

You can see from the image to the left that these are pretty cool looking gadgets. They also work really well, are easy to use and make a great looking gadget in the kitchen.

You can read more about these by clicking right here.


bbreadmakers for the homeIf you love the idea of the smell and taste of home made bread around your home, then by investing in a breadmaker, you can have that right into your kitchen. Now in the past some of these have got awful reviews as they simply did not work. Thankfully those days and now a long and very distant memory.

They have however improved and now there is a much better selection on the market….more importantly they produce fantastic loaves that the whole family can enjoy time after time. We have reviewed the top 5 bread makers currently available in the UK

You can read more about the highest rated breadmakers by clicking here.

Can Openers (Electric)

Best Electric Can and Bottle OpenersMost food manufacturers who produce canned food now do so with pull tops to make them easier to open. There are however many who do not. These cans can however be opened with a simple can opener.

For those who can use a normal can opener, then they are cheap to buy and simple enough to use.

For those who have gripping problems or perhaps suffer from arthritic hands, then an electric can opener is a much better and more practical option.

These are made by manufacturers such as Kenwood and Morphy Richards and almost all of them also have built-in bottle openers and knife sharpeners.

I have reviewed the top 5 electric can openers in the UK which you can read by clicking right here.

Candy Floss Makers

Electric Cotton Sugar Candy Floss Maker MachineThese makers are great for kid’s birthday parties and other fun events. If you like the taste of candy floss, then it is worthwhile having one of these makers in your kitchen.

They cost from as little as £17 with an average price of around £30 for the higher end models.

You can also buy pre-made candy sugar, but they work fine with ordinary granulated sugar or caster sugar. Simply add a colour to get your own favourite.

You will also need the wooden sticks to make them really authentic.

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Coffee Machines

B00REE4HUYNow I am a huge coffee drinker and to me no kitchen would be complete without having a really good quality coffee machine in it. There are a ton of different types of these available of course. You can get bean to cup machines, espresso machines, filter coffee makers, simple stove tops and others in between.

We have dedicated an entire page to these that explain what options are available. In the main though, the machine or maker that you decide to go for, will always come down to the type of coffee that you prefer, and how much you can afford to spend on one.

The choice of styles is pretty amazing these days. If you would like to read more about coffee machines, then please click right here.

Combination Steam Ovens

Panasonic Premium Combination OvenI have included a short section on these as some people really like them and do use them. They are not however that popular.

A full blown steam oven can cost anything from £10,000 to £50,000 and those would be used in restaurants.

Steam cooking is a much healthier option, but as you can see it does come with a hefty price tag. Now there are many combination ovens much cheaper than that, so don’t panic just yet.

This is a healthier way of cooking, but these type of kitchen appliances have a lot of work involved to make them, and that always pushes up the prices.

There are more popular combinations though such as a microwave/grill option which I have also included.

You can read about those by clicking here.

Crepe Maker Reviews

Non Stick Electric Pancake Crepe Omelette Maker Frying Pan MachineIf you love the idea of a nice crepe, then owning a crepe maker is a simple way of being able to make them just the way you like them best.

With one of these in your kitchen then it becomes a pretty easy task to turn out perfect crepes and pancakes any time that you fancy one.

These machines cost on average around £25, heat up pretty quickly and are of course non-stick. They are made by all the major brands and they sell quite a lot.

So if you are a lover of crepes, then one of these is almost essential. You should however only buy one of these, if it is something that will get regular use.

Otherwise it will be confined to the back of your kitchen cupboard, never to be seen again.

You can read more about them by clicking right here.

Cupcake Makers

cupcakesThere are a lot of baking programs on UK TV right now and it is something that is certainly growing in popularity. Most people will also be aware that cupcakes are also very popular now at a whole range of parties.

A quick and easy way of making these, especially if you are not a talented baker is to use an appliance that does the work for you. Manufacturers have now released cupcake makers and they are proving to be very popular.

You can find out more about those by clicking here.

Doughnut Makers

VonShef Deluxe 12 Hole Red Electric Doughnut Maker Donut Snack Machine 1400WIf you like your doughnuts, then by owning an inexpensive doughnut maker, you can have you tasty treat just any time you like. These are especially good for children’s parties of all kinds including birthdays, Halloween or any celebration.

These are all baked so no need to worry about unhealthy frying and they cost on average around £15, so affordable for most people.

Just be wary as many of these are rubbish, so check out my top 5 list of doughnut makers by clicking right here. I have also included some great recipe books for all you doughnut lovers out there.

Egg Boilers

Andrew James Electric Egg BoilerAnother handy gadget to have in your kitchen is an egg boiler. Now I hear you, who on earth would actually need a gadget for boiling an egg.

I do understand that most people know how to boil an egg, but there are some who have no idea. There are also people who don’t know how to cook it for either a soft boiled or a hard boiled egg.

In addition to that many people just don’t have the time in the morning to get out a pot, fill it with water, wait until it boils and then time the boiling of an egg. These gadgets allow you to quickly set them up, and then you can get on with doing something else, while this looks after your eggs.

You can read more about them by clicking here.

Ice Cream Makers

Best ice cream makersNow I don’t know many people who don’t like ice cream. There is nothing quite like the taste of that on a hot summer’s day. What I like even better is the taste of home made ice cream. Trying to make that by hand is possible, but if you have ever tried that, then you know it is pretty hard work.

We decided to buy a good quality ice-cream maker so as we were guaranteed results. There are two types available. The cheaper models work great but you do have to remember to freeze the bowl the night before.

The more expensive options do away with this problem, but you do have to pay a lot more for this. You can check out our reviews by clicking here for some great ice cream maker reviews.

Knife Sharpeners (Electric)

2-stage-sharpening-systemIf you have older knives that are starting to go blunt, then one great way of getting them in shape is to buy a cheap electric knife sharpener. On average these cost less than £10, and they do a very good job. It is certainly a kitchen gadget worth having in your drawer.

The better ones use a two stage sharpening system to get your kitchen knives, scissors and blades honed and sharpened to perfection.

So rather than go out and buy new knives all the time, why not pay the small investment on a sharpener, and hone up your older knives.

You can read my more detailed review by clicking here.

Pasta Makers

cheaper pasta maker
Manual Pasta Maker

If you like the idea of making home made pasta, then owning a good quality pasta maker will make a huge difference. It is almost impossible to do this task without one of these machines.

They come in a few different types, and by quite a long way, the manual pasta rolling machines are the most popular.

You can also buy electric versions of these. So instead of rolling by turning the handle, an electric motor does that work.

Then you can get the full blown machine. That makes the pasta dough, and then extrudes it out into the various types of pasta, they you want to have.

The manual ones cost around £45 for a good quality Italian brand. You can pick up cheaper brands for around £25. The electric options start to move up in price, with an average being around £100-150

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Rice Cookers

Lloytron Kitchen Perfected Automatic Non Stick Rice CookerIf you enjoy eating fluffy well cooked rice, then you should consider, investing a few pounds in a good quality rice cooker. These are not an expensive appliance to buy, and they certainly beat trying to do this by yourself, using a pot of hot water.

These help take the guess work out of cooking rice, and ensure that you get non-stick rice on a regular and consistent basis.

Many of these work using steam which is of course, one of the healthiest ways to cook. Some other models use a microwave. So if you like your rice, but want it properly cooked, and fast, then these could be a better type for you.

One of these will certainly take away the pain of cooking rice.

You can read my detailed reviews by clicking here.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

best-selling-robotic-vacuum-cleanersI found these robotic cleaners quite by accident. I did see them many years ago, but the general feedback then, was that they simply didn’t work.

We  I am pleased to say, that a lot has changed since then. It seems these days that the people who buy this type of vacuum cleaner, really do love them.

The advantages of these are pretty obvious – I mean who likes doing the hoovering? Then why not let a robot do the work, while you do something else, or simply enjoy watching it at work.

You can read my detailed robotic vacuum cleaner reviews by clicking here.


best electric skillet reviewsAnother useful cooking option to have is an electric skillet. These are essentially large frying pans. However, they are much more than that. A skillet has a flat base, and as such it is great for jobs like searing meat or fish.

The flat base also allows the pan to be heated more uniformly, and that ensures a better overall frying experience. It also has upright tapered sides and that also makes the pan larger in size.

You can read more about skillets by clicking here.

Soup Makers

Morphy Richards 501011 Saute and Soup MakerNow I never thought that I would buy one of these, but I am now so glad that I did. I am sure like many people I used to make all my soups in a pot. However you can now buy soup makers, which basically look like jugs, as you can see from the image on the right.

These are just a fast and convenient method of making great tasting soups in less than half an hour. You simply chop up your ingredients, put them in the jug along with some stock, pick a setting and switch it on.

They can make normal chunky soup or can also blend soups with them as well. On average they cost around £40 and I think they are a really good investment, and a very useful gadget to have in your kitchen. If you want to find out more about soup makers, then please click here.

Sous Vide Water Baths

Andrew James Ultimate Sous Vide Package Includes Black Sous Vide MachineIf you watch any UK cookery programs such as Masterchef then you will at least be aware of the sous vide method of cooking. Essentially this is where you seal food inside a bag, and immerse it into a heated water bath.

That way you can retain all of the flavours inside the bag and it really does make the most wonderful tasty food.

This is a method of cooking that was started in France, and only in the very best restaurants. It has now become more main stream and to achieve it basically all you need is a water bath to do the actual cooking.

You can read reviews on the best rated sous vide water baths by clicking here.


Spiral Slicer SpiralizerNow this is something that you may not have heard of, but they are really all the rage right now. I first saw these in a market in Rome of all places. An old man was attracting quite a crowd around his stall. When we checked it out, it was simply this man, using a spiralizer to turn ordinary vegetables into super looking spirals.

And yes, like many of the onlooking crowd we did buy one. Back then it was a very basic model and since then these have come on in leaps and bounds and have become all the rage.

You can read more about the best spiralizers by clicking here.

Electric Steamers

number 2 rated electric food steamerMost people today agree, that cooking your food using steam, is one of the healthiest ways to do that. Almost all kitchens in the UK will have some type of steamer. Many of these are what are termed manual steamers.

They are usually 3 tiers, with water in the base. The water gets heated and then pushes steam up through the tiers which contain the food. It is a fast method of cooking. More importantly though, it makes better tasting food.

Boiling food can remove a lot of flavour from root vegetable, fish and meat. Steam cooking does not do that. Hence this method of cooking has grown very popular.

Like all the kitchen gadgets, and cooking appliances on this website, we have done full reviews on the top 5 rated electric steamers, that are currently available on the UK market place.

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Stovetop Espresso Makers

Moka ExpressUsing a Stovetop espresso maker is a very traditional method of making coffee. It is one that is still used in many Italian homes on a regular daily basis.

These are ideal if you do not own a coffee machine or don’t need to make a lot of coffee. You can fill one of these with water, add the coffee grinds and then simply set it on top of the stove.

These do make great tasting espresso, and they are simple to use, easy to clean, and will also last a very long time.

If you would like to read more about these, then you can click here to read more information about these handy kitchen gadgets.


Russell Hobbs 22400 Wide Slot 4 Slice ToasterWell just about every home needs a toaster of some kind. Years ago theses used to be very basic affairs.

However with the onset of technology, toasters today come with any number of features.

We have reviewed the best on the market and you can check those out by clicking on either of the links just below.

To find out more about 4 slice toasters click here

To find out more about 2 slice toasters click here.

Vacuum Food Sealer Machines

Andrew James Professional Quality Vacuum Food Sealer MachineThese are in my opinion a wonderful small appliance to have in your kitchen. Most people will cook and freeze products and then store them in the freezer. If you need something that can seal, or even vacuum seal the product, then it can be stored for even longer.

These are also useful to have if you do “Sous Vide” style of cooking where you immerse sealed food bags into a heated water bath. The most common use though is simply to help vacuum seal bags so as they can be stored in your freezer.

These machines makes this process quick and simple.

You can read ore about vacuum food sealers by clicking here.

Waffle Makers

image of a waffle makerIf you love waffles, and I like them in the morning, then you should consider buying one of these to have in your kitchen. They are a useful small appliance, but I do want to throw in an air of caution. These can be one of those appliances that can get put into the back of a cupboard and be forgotten about.

Unless you are regularly going to use one of these, then please don’t waste your money. Personally we would have waffles a few times a month, and I am ok with spending £25 on a waffle maker to do that. If you were going to be using it less than that, then I just don’t see the point in buying one.

There are a few appliances like that which tend to be novelty. However, if like me you like to eat waffles from time to time, then for sure you will need one of these.

You can click here to read more about the best waffle makers on the market right now.

Water Filter Jugs

BRITA Aluna Filter JugsFor anyone who likes clean water, then a water filter jug is a good choice. This is especially true for anyone who happens to live in a hard water area in the United Kingdom.

These are a popular choice for many households. Rather than drink water straight from the tap, or use it in your tea or coffee, people prefer to filter the scale off first.

That way, then can enjoy fresher tasting water, and prevent scale from building up on kettles and teapots. People also sue these to make ice cubes, soups and stocks from fresh tasting water.

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Wine Coolers & Fridges

Husky HUS-HM39 Personal Wine Refrigerator-ChillerIf you plan on throwing a party, a social event or are simply someone who wants to take special care of their wine, then having a wine cooler is a very good idea indeed. These are made in different styles such as counter top, under the counter and stand alone.

Some can be used to store both red and white wines at different temperatures. They come with shelving and this can be removed if you prefer to keep beer or soft drinks in there.

These also make a nice piece of kitchen or dining room furniture, and personally I think they add an air of sophistication to the kitchen area.

You can read about these wine coolers in more detail by clicking here.

Electric Woks

cheap electric wokFor me one of the healthiest, and fun ways of cooking is to use a wok. Now the traditional wok is best used over a gas stove. Of course, not everyone has a gas stove, but that should never stop you from trying out this popular Chinese cooking method.

A great way of doing that is to use an electric wok. These are now very popular in the UK. Many brands make these, and as they use only a small amount of oil, this makes for healthier cooking.

These are really good both for family cooking, and also for cooking for a bunch of friends. You can do your cooking in the wok, and then simply carry it to the table for the people to enjoy.

They range in price from around £20-40 depending on which brand you want to go for.

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Yoghurt Makers

Severin Yoghurt Maker with 14 Glasses, White/ RedIf you enjoy yoghurt, then why not make it at home. There are a number of great options for doing that. You can of course do it by hand, thought that can be slow and quite a bit of work.

You can actually buy a yoghurt maker which takes most of the hard work out of the process, leaving you free to get on with other things. Most of these are electrical options, but there are a few available where you simply buy sachets and then use the maker to make completely natural and additive free great tasting yoghurt.

They are all reasonably priced at between £15-25 so that should make them affordable for most people. You can read more about yoghurt makers by clicking here.