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Hotder Wine Aerator Decanter Review

By  Enda

Hotder Wine Aerator Decanter UK Review

This is our review of the wine aerator and decanter from the popular Hotder brand. The normal RRP for this wine accessory is around £19.99. However, the good news is, that at many places online, you can pick this popular item up, for less than half of that price.

This particular model is also referred to as the "Magic Decanter."  The main purpose, as many of you probably already know, is to make sure you get the best bouquet and flavour of you wine, from the very first sip.

Hotder Wine Aerator Decanter Review

Well buyers rate this product as 4.7 out of 5 stars. That is a very strong indicator, that this is a high quality product. There have been hundreds of reviews to go on, so that is also a very good sign as well.

How do Buyers Rate the Hotder HD01?

It is always important to read reviews before buying anything. This wine aerator is clearly a very good one. Nevertheless, I always like to see how buyers actually rate their purchase, and what they have to say about it. We have summarised the key findings just below.

Buyer Review Summary

We have read a lot of reviews about this Hotder model, and then summarised those below. Hopefully you will find that useful​. The first illustration shows the percentage of stars, given to the product, by actual real life buyers. They scored the product out of a maximum of 5 stars.

83 %
12 %
3 %
1 %
1 %

You can see from the above figures that just over out of 10 buyers rate this Hotder wine aerator as a 5 star choice. That is of course an excellent rating, and should assure you these are good quality. 95% rate it as a 4 star or higher. Only 1% of buyers deemed this to be a 1 star product.

Hotder Wine Aerator Decanter Product

Pros & Cons of the Hotder Wine Aerator/Decanter

Below we have captured what real life buyers have actually said. This includes all buyers as we like to keep our reviews balanced. So, even though only 1 out of every 100 buyers rated this aerator/decanter as a 1 star product, we always like to find out why. 


  • Many people bought this for friends and family as an affordable and different type of gift
  • Buyers said it allowed them to enjoy their red wine, without having to wait on a full decant process
  • Many buyers said their wine tasted smoother
  • Buyers said it came in a nice presentation box, and made a nice present
  • Works well as long as you have a steady hand and take your time
  • Many buyers said even a cheap bottle of wine tastes so much better when put through this device


  • Some buyers were sent out the product in a dirty box with mould on it
  • A few buyers said this was too fiddly and messy to work with

Those who gave this aerator a 1 star rating were simply just very disappointed, that they received the product in poor packaging. We understand that is annoying, but does not really help with describing the quality of the product.

The majority though thought it was well presented, made a difference to their wine, and worked well for their needs. Below I have included some actual buyer comments.

Everyone should have one of these. It's a pity that the thing you pour the wine into isn't a bit bigger. You have to have a steady hand to ensure the pour rate is correct.

Amazon Buyer

It does work! A £5 bottle of wine improves immensely after putting the wine through this clever device.

Amazon Buyer

This is really good! I drink red wine and usually have to open the bottle for an hour beforehand, however this decanter is brilliant and the wine tastes brilliant x

Amazon Buyer

Video Review (UK) of the Hotder HD01 Aerator

Just below I have included a video review of this popular aerator

Hotder Wine Aerator/Decanter Specification

  • The base is a black colour
  • Measures 8.6 x 24.6 x 9.6 cm
  • Weighs 440 grams
  • The actual aerator is made from Acrylic Silicone
  • Comes with a filter and stand
  • Also comes with a carrier or protective bag

Our Verdict on the Hotder Wine Aerator/Decanter

Hotder Wine Aerator Review

The 4.7 out of 5 star buyer rating is about right for this one. It is highly rated by buyers.  I believe it also sells quite a lot because it is very simple to use, and very affordable.

The really big question for most people is, will it make a difference to the taste of the wine? This is always a question of considerable debate. If wine is aerated, it certainly does taste smoother and also has more flavour. This one has a unique way of getting air into the wine. I know when I used it the difference was there, although subtle in its nature. Red wine lovers will appreciate this small and clever gadget.

The only thing that puts us off highly recommending a product, is if we find a number of legitimate poor ratings. There were only 1% of these, and those were about poor packaging. Annoying as that would be, it does not deduct from the quality of this wine gadget.

94 %
Our Rating

Overall this one has a 94% satisfaction rating, and all things considered, that is right up there with the best of them. Ideally wine should be opened and left to get the air inside it. More often than not we forget, and this is certainly a fast way of getting that done.

If this is not the wine aerator for you, then check out our top 5 list of wine aerators by clicking here. This one is good for a small bottle of wine. It is not something I would use for a normal size bottle, as I prefer to be able to decant that with one pour.


I enjoy cooking and love using a whole variety of small kitchen appliances. On this website, I review many of the best kitchen gadgets that are fun to own, and even more fun to use.

Enda McLarnon

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