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Husky HUS-HM39 Personal Wine Refrigerator-Chiller

The Husky HM39 has been designed to be a wine fridge that can be placed under the counter. This one has enough space to be able to hold up to 20 bottles of your favourite wine. Many buyers also use this to store both their soft drinks and their beer.

Key Features of the HM39

If you are planning on placing this in your kitchen or dining area, then the size is important so its dimensions are Height 843 mm, Width 470 mm and Depth 470 mm. Measure your available space to make sure that this one can fit in there.

Mixed Shelving

You can arrange your own shelving to suit what you want to store in there. That could be anything from a few cans to bottle of champagne.

Interior Lighting

There is good interior lighting and the door can also be locked so as no-one is tempted to swipe your valuable drink. In my house, I have two daughters who think my wine fridge is their personal free off-licence. Changing the light bulb is also a simple process.

Door Hinge

With this one you can reverse the door hinges if you need to have it opening a certain way. To do this is pretty straightforward. This product comes with a manual and diagrams to show you exactly how to do this.

Basic Set Up of the Husky Wine Cooler

Like any fridge always make sure you have good circulation at the rear. If it is going to be placed on a carpet, then put some wood underneath to raise it from directly sitting on the carpet, and to help with airflow.

When you first switch it on, set it to the Maximum setting, and after about 20 minutes, then turn it down to position 3.

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