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Ideas For Your Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen Countertop ideas

I think like many people when you have been in your home for a few years, your kitchen can start to show some serious wear and tear. You know the type of things that I mean, and they can be that your cabinets may be starting to to sag a bit, the tiled floor maybe has the odd crack or two, or the grout can be missing, worn or even dirty looking.


It could even be that your counter top, may have seen better days. I know when we first got out one installed, we went for a cheap laminated one. It did the job at the time but we knew it would’t last. It was however all we could afford at the time.

Over time these break, start to sag and eventually they will probably split. We had always promised ourselves a new kitchen, so like many people we dug deep and decided to go for a revamp.


My wife is great at colours and she wanted a very traditional kitchen so we went with Italian tiles for the walls and also for the floor. The hardest part though was picking out a counter top. First of all it had to match but we wanted one that would last and be of very good quality.

Kitchen Countertops

There are of course a number of counter top materials available and certainly a great deal more, then some years back. Today you can have your counter top made from just about anything including marble, granite, various types of wood, metal, quartz, and a huge number of different synthetic materials.

The bottom line is that if you have the money in your budget, there is someone in the construction or kitchen business who will build you whatever you want.

Granite is a very popular choice and of course there are all different types of that. You are normally charged for the quality of the granite, and also for the thickness and then the amount of area that you need to get covered.

With wood you also have many options but they also need to be sealed so as they remain hygienic. Many people like the idea of stainless steel as well. I think the problem with either wood or steel is that it can limit you to a specific type and style of kitchen.

Unusual Kitchen Design


Mainly though, you will be restricted by your budget. There are many cheap options and they will last long enough, as long as they are properly sealed and looked after. Just be aware though that if a hot pot is set down on one by accident, it is probably going to be ruined. if you are luck it will only blister, and if unlucky, it will lift and that will render it useless.

So really it is a matter of how much you can afford to spend and the particular style that you want. These days there are a number of salvage yards who have reclaimed materials. I have found marble slabs there, and you can with a bit of haggling, get yourself a bargain.

You will however need someone with specialist skills to cut it and shape it, and that can get very expensive.

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