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Kitchen Remodel Ideas

kitchen-remodel ideas

Putting in a new kitchen is just not a cheap option, and for most people in the UK, the cost of doing that can literally run into thousands of pounds. Even the most basic of small kitchens can set you back few hundred. All you have to do is think about the cost of wiring, getting walls plastered, tiles, cabinets etc and the costs very quickly mount up.

If on top of that you then have to pay someone to install it, then the costs can quickly rise. So in this article I just wanted to give you some ideas, on things that you can bite off and do one at a time. Now of course I know that most people will just want to rip out the old and get the new kitchen in, and as long as you can afford that, it sure is the way to go.

The ideas I have below though should at least give you an option, if you don’t have the money, and simply need to make a few changes, before your old kitchen drives you nuts.

Idea 1- Get out the Paintbrush

There is no doubt that painting is the simplest thing you can do to change the look of your kitchen. There is no need to spend a fortune, and if you pick the right colours, you can quickly transform a kitchen and also do that very quickly.

You can change the colour of your walls, and make it appear more spacious. You can also get paint that covers tiles, and also paint the cabinet doors. These do require special paint, but it is all doable.

kitchen-design ideas

Idea 2 – Tiling

kitchen tilesIf you are handy, then tiling can very quickly cover walls and floors and make your kitchen look completely different. They can be used for full wall covering or even a simple back splash around the sink, can work wonders. Putting brighter tiles on a kitchen floor can make the kitchen look bigger, brighter and really make it pop.

In the image above for example, you can see how these black and white tiles, create a very unique but eye-catching effect. These are known as easy to apply 6″ by 6″ square stick on tiles which are waterproof and work like a charm. There is no grouting involved and can transform a kitchen in a couple of hours.

Idea 3 Lighting

I remember when I moved into my home a fluorescent light was in the ceiling and that was my entire lighting for the kitchen. I quickly got rid of that and installed some recessed lighting in the kitchen ceiling, and some lights under the cabinet.

led kitchen lighting

The entire look and feel of my kitchen changed and created a warm ambience almost instantly. The only word of caution I would offer is that you do need to have a good knowledge of electrics. If in doubt, talk with an electrician. It is not as expensive as you may think.

Idea 4 The Cabinets

Ripping out cabinets and replacing them will be expensive. There are choices though that can make a difference. Unless the cabinets shells are damaged there is no need to change those. You could simple replace the doors, perhaps sand them down and varnish them or even paint them

Some people just change the handles and pulls on the doors and drawers and even that can make a huge difference.

Idea 5 – Get Some New Appliances

We all like new appliances. Once you have come up with a theme or a colour scheme or both, then by buying some appliances, you can make the kitchen look the way you want it to. Some appliances like toasters are a cheap option, and some are more expensive.

Just come up with a long term plan of what look you want. It could be a simple colour scheme, a contemporary modern look, or a traditional style. Make sure then to buy appliances that will fit into your scheme.

These small changes can give the illusion of a major remodelling project. Even by doing a couple of these, you can really make a huge difference. At the end of the day we will all have a budget to work with, and there is nothing wrong with doing one idea at a time.

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