ProCook Gourmet Steel Saucepan Set Review

Updated June 2022

ProCook Gourmet Steel Saucepan Set UK Review

The ProCook Gourmet Steel Saucepan Set is available as a 2 piece, 3 piece or 4 piece set of high end chef style saucepans. As these are in their "Gourmet range," they are certainly not cheap. You are paying for extremely high quality, and saucepans that are made to last.

They are made from the highest grade of stainless steel available (18/10 grade) They can be used on any type of hob including gas, electric, ceramic and induction. They come with silicone handles and also with hanging loops.

It can be really hard to find saucepans that are suitable for induction cookers. This set certainly solves that problem. Buyers rate these as 4.7 out of 5 stars. That is a very strong indication of just how good these really are.

What Do You Get in the ProCook Gourmet Steel Saucepan Set?​

4 piece saucepan set in stainless steel

These are available in different sets. You can buy either

  1. ​A 2-piece set
  2. A 3 piece set
  3. A Chef's 3-piece set
  4. A 4-piece set

The ProCook brand has a reputation for high class kitchen products. These particular saucepans are right up there with the best of them. People like the fact that they are extremely well made, and yet they are light, usable and great for everyday use. To give complete peace of mind, these saucepans also come with a 10-Year guarantee.

How do Buyers Rate the Procook Saucepan Set

It is always important to read reviews before buying anything. This saucepan set is something you will use every day. That makes it even more important, so as you can know you are buying the right ones for your needs.

Buyer Review Summary

We have read a lot of reviews about this Procook set, and then summarised those below. Hopefully you will find that useful​. The first illustration shows the percentage of stars, given to the product, by actual real life buyers. They scored the product out of a maximum of 5 stars.

81 %
11 %
4 %
2 %
2 %

You can see from the above figures that 81% of buyers rate the ProCook set as a 5 star choice. That is of course excellent ratings, and should assure you these are very high quality.

Pros & Cons of the ProCook Saucepan Set

Below we have captured what buyers actually said. This includes all buyers as we like to keep our reviews balanced. Even though only 3 out of 125 buyers rated these saucepans as a 1 star product, we always like to find out why. 


  • Extremely well made and high quality
  • Although very well made, they are still light enough to use
  • The handles have a very good grip, and do not get hot when on the hob
  • The lids are great as they have two different sized draining holes
  • Easy to stack so good for space saving
  • Great value for money
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Dishwasher safe


  • two complaints about having paper stickers inside the saucepan

Most of the 1 star reviews in all honesty do not make a lot of sense. Two complained about stickers inside the saucepans, that they had to remove. The other person said the saucepans were great but left a 1 star review, so clearly a mistake with the star review.

inside measuring of the ProCook pots

Just above, you can see the inside of these pots. They have very clear markings that show measurements. In my opinion, this is a very useful feature. The pouring point is also a very useful feature. It makes pouring a very safe process, rather than simply pouring out of the edge of a pot.

ProCook Gourmet Steel Saucepan Set Specification

procook saucepan set in use
  • These are available in 2, piece, 3 piece, and 4 piece sets depending on how many saucepans you need
  • Available in stainless steel
  • All saucepans come with lids
  • Can be used on gas, electric, ceramic and induction hobs
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from18/10 high quality stainless steel
  • Glass lids with two different sized draining holes
  • Good even heat distribution across the cooking surface

Our Verdict on the ProCook Gourmet Saucepan Sets

The 4.7 out of 5 star buyer rating is very well justified. These are expensive, high quality saucepans and they come with a 10-year guarantee. The reviews generally speaking are very high with 8 out of 10 buyers, awarding them the full 5 star treatment.

The only thing that puts us off highly recommending a product, is if we find a number of legitimate poor ratings. There were only a few poor ratings, and all of them were unjustified in my opinion. I don't like stickers on saucepans either, but does that make a product a 1 star? I don't think so, so if you ignore those, the overall rating would be even higher than it is.

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