Best Rice Cooker UK Reviews 2022

Updated May 2022

Best Rice Cookers in the UK Market

There are lots of small kitchen appliances and among them are rice cookers. Now if you like rice, then you know that making good rice, is not actually that easy. These are often referred to as rice steamers. Irrespective of what they may be called, the bottom line is that they turn a tough little job into something that is cooking simplicity.

They are very popular because you do not have to worry about stirring the rice, burning the rice or any other problems. You just set it up and let it get on with doing the work for you.

Now there are slightly different types of these, but they all serve the same basic purpose and that is to cook very good rice without the hassle. With many of these you can also cook cous cous, porridge, ploenta, etc.

Some of these you can just place into the microwave and others work as a stand alone product. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular choices. Before we do that though, let’s have a look at one in action.

Video On How To Use A Rice Cooker.

Below we have included what we think are the top 3 rated rice steamers currently available in the UK market.

No 1 Best Rice Cooker – Sistema Microwave Rice Steamer

sistema-microwave-rice-steamerThis is a simple little cooker that you pop into the microwave and quickly cooks rice to a treat. For under £8 this one offers great value for money. Now I agree that this is nothing fancy to look at, but thousands of buyers know that it works like a charm.

If you are looking for something a bit better looking for your kitchen, then continue to read the list below. However if you want something that works great, and won’t break your budget, then this rice cooker works great.

With this one you can cook rice, cous and polenta. It is also dishwasher friendly, always a good thing in my opinion. It can also be used in a freezer.

Cooking rice in this takes about 10-12 minutes for normal white rice, and the brown Basmati rice takes longer at around 22-23 minutes. Now as this one goes in the microwave, these time may vary, depending on the power output of your microwave. Without any doubt this is the best rice cooker for using in a microwave.

Rice should also be left to cool after cooking for a few minutes. Now cooking rice isn’t easy and often you need to experiment a little with cooking times. This one makes that task a great deal easier.

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No 2 Best – Lloytron Kitchen Perfected Automatic Non Stick Rice Cooker

Lloytron Kitchen Perfected Automatic Non Stick Rice CookerIf you prefer a rice cooker that does not require a microwave, then this one from Lloytron is one of the most popular choices for buyers. This one is better suited for 1-2 people, as it has a capacity of 0.8 litres. It also has a very useful keep warm facility.

With a price of under £20, this is an affordable rice cooker, and is well liked by those who buy it.

It has a removable non-stick bowl, making it handy to pop out of the cooker, give it a quick stir and then serve. You also get a spatula, a measuring cup and some recipes to get you started.

It can cook both white and brown rice, depending on your preference. It is a small and compact device, but please note this would not be a good choice for bigger families who need a lot of rice for any one meal. For that you would need a bigger rice cooker, than this one.

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