Russell Hobbs Dual Zone Bottle and Drinks Cooler Review

Updated May 2022

This is currently the top rated bottle and drinks cooler on the market. The model number is RH32DZWC1 and it costs on average around £160. Buyers rate this one very highly. On average they have given this one a buyer rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. It has been a steady and consistent seller. As you can see from the image below, this cooler most certainly looks the part.

Russell Hobbs RH32DZWC1 Dual Zone Bottle & Drinks Cooler

Key Features of the RH32DZWC1 Dual Zone Bottle & Drinks Cooler

Below I have listed the main features of this best selling wine cooler.

  • This stylish cooler has 8 chrome coloured shelves to store all the bottles and drinks you will need.
  • Comes with a very nice LED display to display your bottles
  • Measures: 84.5cm high, 40cm wide and 51.1cm deep
  • It has a dual zone function which allows you to store your bottles and drinks in two separate compartments

So as you can see this is stylish and will complement most styles of kitchen. Please check the measurements carefully if you plan on using this one under the counter tops.

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Things to Know About the RH32DZWC1

This cooler does not have any way of locking. Some buyers, especially those with children like to have this as an option. Not many wine coolers offer that, and this one doesn’t either.  In total it will hold 32 bottles, 16 in each of the two areas.

They sit on wire racks which are easy to remove for cleaning etc. The huge majority of buyers say that this is really easy to set up, adjust the temperatures and get it into action. The only thing that you should be aware of is that initially, it will probably take a few hours to reach the required temperature, when you first set it up.

Many wine fridges and/or coolers can be a bit noisy. Most buyers reported that this model was actually pretty quiet.

Russell Hobbs RH32DZWC1

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Minor Complaints About the Russell Hobbs RH32DZWC1

Like any product there are a few features that people don’t like. When doing reviews we of course like to include those as well. One that we saw a few times was the width of the shelves. They have been designed to cater for a standard wine bottle.

Any bottle that is slightly larger simply will not fit into this cooler. I know that is not a problem for everyone, but for some people that was annoying.

A few people did complain about the noise. Although the majority found this one to be quiet, a few people said it was louder than they had expected it to be. We know when we had this one plugged in, that it was pretty similar to the sounds you get from a normal fridge.

If this is not the one for you, then check out our top 5 wine cooler list, by clicking here.

Our Verdict on the RH32DZWC1

Wine coolers are useful as they help free up space in your normal fridge. There are two zones in this cooler, and that allows you to store your bottles and drinks separately. The cooler is a nice modern design and will look well in any kitchen or dinette.

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