Russell Hobbs RH8WC2 Review

Updated May 2022

The RH8WC2 is the best seller, when it comes to buying a wine cooler. You can see from the images that this product looks wonderful. It is not just the looks that sell this one though. It really is all about the functionality that it can deliver. This is the classical vertical style of wine cooler and is ideal for on top of a counter top, under a counter top, or as a stand alone piece of furniture.

The RCH8WC1 is the horizontal version of this one so not as high but wider. If you would like to read about that model, then please click here for my detailed review.

The Appearance

It is fair to say though that this wine cooler from the Russell Hobbs brand just looks the part. It has a contemporary design, the classic glass door and an internal light. I think it is pretty cool to be able to glance inside to see what is in there, without having to open the door…but maybe that is just me.

My wife used to complain a bit that I filled up her fridge with my drink (shame on her) but she was right of course. (Don’t tell her I said that though ­čÖé Having one of these quickly resolved that problem. This one clearly keeps my drink at the right temperature.


As the shelves are contoured, they are specifically designed to hold bottles – and those contours┬ásimply stop them from rolling around.

You can get a nice preview of the RH8WC2 model in the short video below:

Things I Like About the Russell Hobbs RH8WC2

  • Well I have mentioned the appearance and that is cool
  • Being able to have a quick look inside is also handy
  • Can handle temperatures between 7-18 degrees C (Good for red or white)
  • Holds 8 bottles
  • 2 year warranty

This is just a nice piece of kit that works really well. The reality is you don’t get a lot for around ┬ú70 these days, and I get more use out of this wine cooler than I do out of my lawnmower.

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