Russell Hobbs RH8WC1 Wine Cooler UK Review

Updated June 2022

Thanks for taking your time to read our review of the Russell Hobbs RH8WC1 wine cooler. This is one of the best selling wine coolers on the market today. Not only does this one do a super job of cooling your drinks, but it is very good at running efficiently.

This is a cooler that will hold up to 8 wine bottles, and keep them at a temperature of between 8 and 18 degrees. For most homes, that type of size is enough, and in terms of taking up space it should also suit many homes. If you currently store your wine in the fridge, then now you have also freed up that valuable space.

This cooler will help keep your power bills under control. Russell Hobbs are one of the few manufacturers who do what we would class as good quality coolers, and they are a well established and recognised brand in the UK.

You can see from the images and the video below that this one has been designed to be a very modern looking cooler, and most people agree that it is certainly eye catching. We particularly liked the glass door as it gave a really nice effect. You can buy this one either as the horizontal look, or the vertical look and there is a small variation in those two price points.

It comes with an indoor light which also looks great as well. So no question in our mind that it looks good, but does it do the job? Check out the video just below.

How Buyers Rate the RH8WC1 Wine Cooler?

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall buyers have given this an overall satisfaction rating of 90%
  • 70% of those buyers have given this model a full 5 star rating
  • 4% of all buyers have given this cooler a poor rating

This is based on 600+ online buyer reviews

Main Features and Benefits of this Russell Hobbs 8 Bottle Wine Cooler

  • Having one of these in your home does help free up valuable space in your main fridge. It is however still very important that it keeps your drinks at the right temperature as well. As mentioned this cools them to between 8-18 degrees
  • This one has contoured shelves that will stop any chance of bottles rolling around. It also has been designed to sit on a counter top so check out the measurements to make sure it does not take up a lot of space, in your own kitchen or dining room. We think this one is a great idea for people who have kitchens with limited space.
  • We have mentioned that this one looks sharp, but it is also quiet in operation. Many of these can actually be quite noisy, but that will not be an issue with this one. Some people did think it was noisy, but when compared to others in the same range, this one is quiet.
  • Horizontal Wine Cooler - Wine coolers either come in this horizontal design and are best suited for placing on the counter top. The vertical ones are available for those who prefer a ground standing model, or one for under the counter top. With this RH8WC1 model you can pick either style
  • The cooler is black in colour, has a glass door and a nice interior light that allows you to have a look in. It is important to store wine on its side rather than standing up. This prevents the cork from drying out. If a cork does dry out, it can shrink and allow air into the bottle. These days many wine bottles come either with a plastic cork or a screw on. For those it doesn't really matter if they are stored on their side or not.

Russell Hobbs Brand

The company was founded in 1952 by Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs. They are at the moment the number 1 small domestic appliance brand in the UK. Their reputation has spread across Europe and continues to grow worldwide. Most homes in the UK will have some type of kitchen appliance.

Our Verdict on the Russell Hobbs RH8WC1 Wine Cooler

90% buyer satisfaction based on 700+ online buyer reviews

Small wine coolers are hard to come by that tick every box. This one comes close and works really well, and is very efficient.

It does not take up too much room, is relatively quiet and will keep your drinks cool.

It measures 27.5 cm tall, 41 cm wide and 54.3 cm deep so make sure to get your measuring tape out first, and check that it will fit in your kitchen.

Wine should of course be stored at the right temperature as that helps maintain its flavour and its balance. Many people don't realise that a bottle of wine can easily be ruined if it is subject to fluctuations in temperature. Now ideally we would all have space in our home to have an air conditioned and humidity controlled wine cellar. Sadly that option is really only available to those who have the money to enjoy such a set-up.

For the ordinary person the best solution would be to make your own smaller wine closet. Now much as we love my wines, most people just don't have the time to do that so a wine fridge or cooler is we think is a better option. Wine is best kept in the dark (away from direct sunlight) and away from anything that has a strong potent smell. (That's why you shouldn't use a normal household fridge)

Wine Cooler Temperature Chart



Full Bodied Reds

Should be stored at 17 degrees Celsius or 63 degrees Fahrenheit

Medium Reds

Should be stored at 12-15 degrees or 54-59 degrees Fahrenheit

Dry Whites

should be stored at 8-12 degrees Celsius or 46-54 degrees Fahrenheit

Sparkling Whites/Sweet Wines

should be stored at 5-8 degrees Celsius or 41-46 degrees Fahrenheit


What size of wine bottles can this one take?

The RH8WC1 is designed to hold 8 bottles of standard wine bottle size (75 ml bottles)

What Is the Energy Rating?

This cooler is rated A++ for energy efficiency. This helps keep running costs down and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Does it Have Removable Shelves?

Yes it does and if you remove them, then you can store the wider champagne bottles (up to about 5 of those)

Can It store Beer or Soft Drinks?

Yes it can store these. One buyer said they removed the bottom shelf and were able to store 15 beer cans. If you take both racks out it would hold around 24, 440 ml cans.

What Are the Internal Dimensions?

It measures 14 inches by 7.75"

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