Best Sous Vide Water Bath Reviews UK 2022

Updated June 2022

If you like to watch Master Chef on TV, then you may have seen a special type of cooking known as Sous Vide. This is where chefs will place food inside an airtight bag, and then into a water bath.

These baths are temperature controlled and are used by the leading top Michelin type chefs. The purpose behind this is to cook very slowly, at temperatures that are lower than normal, and also to retain all of the moisture and flavours, and cook right the way through.

It is of course a special type of cooking. In many ways it is a more sophisticated form of poaching food. You will find this style of cooking done in the higher end restaurants and by chefs like, Heston Blumenthal or Thomas Keller

Well that used to be the case anyway, but now more and more professionals are turning to this method.

Now if you are here on this page, you probably know a lot about this style of cooking. However for those that are not familiar, we have included a video below from the British Michelin star chef Tom Aikens  In this he shows how to cook a lamb fillet, using the Sous Vide method.

Sous Vide Water Bath Ovens

Now of course to be able to do this, you will need a water bath. These range in price from between £60-400, so affordable enough at the lower end, especially if you want to try out this particular method of specialised cooking.

We think if you are new to this, that it is better to start at the lower price point, and if it is something you then enjoy and can master, you can always upgrade later.

Below we have reviewed the top rated Sous Vide baths that are currently available in the UK. We have placed these in order of the highest rated first so as you get an indication of what is actually out there.

Top 10 Sous Vide Cookers

  1. ChefSteps CS10001 Joule Sous Vide by ChefSteps (94%)
  2. Anova Culinary Bluetooth Sous Vide Precision Cooker (92%)
  3. Lacor Multi-Function Sous Vide Cooker (91%)
  4. Klarstein Jacuzzi Sous-Vide Cooker (90%)
  5. Russell Hobbs 25630 Slow Cooker and Sous Vide Water Bath (90%)
  6. SousVide Supreme SVS09L Demi (86%)
  7. Caso Germany "Sous Vide Cente SV900 (86%)
  8. Klarstein Tastemaker Sous Vide Cooker (84%)
  9. Tribest sousvant SV-101 Complete Sous Vide Circulator 82%
  10. Sous Vide Tools Compact 28 Litre Water Bath 80%

Our Top Rated Sous Vide Choices

#1st Rated

ChefSteps CS10001 Joule Sous Vide

This is one of the smallest, sleekest sous vide tool available, at just 11 inches tall and 1.3 pounds. It has a fast water-heating capability and very precise temperature control, precise to 0.2 F / 0.1 C. It also has a magnetic base and side clip that works in any pot. Also works off an app and your voice with Amazon Alexa.

#2nd Rated

Anova Culinary Bluetooth Sous Vide Precision Cooker

The Anova Precision Cooker allows anyone to cook a restaurant quality meal at home. This model allows food to be cooked with no dry edges and no rare centers. It provides continuous temperature control and can be controlled remotely with smart devices, using the Anova app. Attach the precision cooker to any pot, add water, drop in desired food in a sealed bag or glass jar.

#3rd Rated

Lacor Multi-Function Sous Vide Cooker

This is the classic style of sous vide bath and it is made in Spain. It is perfect for using at home, in a restaurant or a hotel. This model has a 6 litre capacity.

#4th Rated

Klarstein Jacuzzi Sous-Vide Cooker

This is an easy to use vacuum cooker for the home and has a 6 litre capacity. The temperature is adjustable in 1 °C increments between 45 and 90 ° C. The cooking time is selectable up to 72 hours in 30-minute increments.

#5th Rated

Russell Hobbs 25630 Slow Cooker and Sous Vide Water Bath

3 ways to cook - sous vide, slow cooker or temperature probe. Sous vide - the professional chefs’ cooking secret; simply drop in your ingredients, choose your setting and you’re ready to go. Can also be used as a slow cooker. Also has a temperature probe to make sure your food is cooked to perfection.

#6th Rated

SousVide Supreme SVS09L Demi

This model comes with an insulated lid, to prevent heat and water loss due to evaporation. The temperature controller and double-wall insulation keep the water bath within 0.5°C. Has a 9 liter capacity (2.4 gallons), similar in size to a slow cooker. The temperature ranges from 30°C to 99°C.

#7th Rated

Caso Germany "Sous Vide Cente SV900

This model has a 9 litre capacity and a very powerful 2,000 watt element for fast heating, and to maintain constant temperatures. Temperature accuracy is in steps of 0.1 °C in the temperature range from 30 - 90 °C. Has a timer function up to 99 hours

#8th Rated

Klarstein Tastemaker Sous Vide Cooker

This model has a removable, anti-stick coated 6-litre aluminium inner pot with temperatures between 40-90 ° C to ensure successful and gentle heating of the food. Cooking temperatures can be adjusted in steps of 1 ° C and are kept constant by the device. The cooking time can be set in 10 minute increments from 1 to 24 hours - perfect for achieving exactly the desired cooking results.

#9th Rated

Tribest sousvant SV-101 Complete Sous Vide Circulator

This is an all-in-one design and does not require additional containers, immersion Circulators, unnecessary installation, or DIY jobs. It has very precise temperature controls for perfect results. Uses a 1000 watt thread system that rapidly heats water. It also has a transparent carafe that lets you monitor the cooking progress without opening the unit.

#10th Rated

Sous Vide Tools Compact 28 Litre Water Bath

This is a very large 28 litre bath with an amazing all-in-one design. It also has  which gives highly accurate temperature control. It also has a splash proof keypad and dry running protection.

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