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The 5 Stable Parts of A Family Diet

5 stable parts of a family diet

Life is just so terribly busy and we all have plenty of things to fill our day. More often than not we are running around like headless chickens and often running out of time. In all honesty we don’t have time to even think about a diet, never mind come up with a good healthy eating plan for all the family.

It is however just a fact of life that having a proper diet is necessary to keep us going. If we can eat the right food, get the right amount of exercise and sleep, then the chances are that everyone in the family will benefit from that.

However if you family is anything like mine, then every family member may have a different schedule. Trying to get them all around the dining room table at one specific time is never easy, if not close to impossible.

Do you have teenagers who think a pot noodle is the best thing since sliced bread? Yep, we all have them and it can drive you nuts. You may also have younger kids who think cabbage was invented by the aliens? One likes eggs, the other wants chicken, some like curry and others just want to eat McDonalds every night?

Getting the Principle Food Sources

Here at Love Your Kitchen we know your pain all too well. We also have a family who likes different things, all have different schedules, and yes when it comes to eating good food, chaos can indeed reign supreme.

To try and get around this we try to stick to having the basics available. You may have heard of “5 a day,” or the Food pyramid? This provides a handy way to make sure your family gets the nutrition they need, no matter the pace of life. Let’s take a look at how easy it can be to ensure good nutrition.

The five categories are:

  1. Grains
  2. Fruits
  3. Vegetables
  4. Dairy Products
  5. Meats.

Now I know you may have a vegan or vegetarian in there so just work with the other four core elements.


Grains encompass many of the staples we should have in our cupboards. They will typically some in the form of breakfast cereals, breakfast bars, rice, whole grains, and all forms of oats. Porridge is probably one of the best as that is a slow energy release and can keep you going during the day.

You could also try something like a whole wheat pita bread for a lunch sandwich. You can of course include snacks as well with crackers. Rather than leaving out bowls of crisps, swap those for a mix of nuts and raisins. Oatmeal cookies are now a firm favourite in our house.


Most people will like some type of fruit. You can also squeeze fruits for juices or even smoothies to make them extra special. Fruits provide essential vitamins as well as being helpful as a useful dietary fiber.

There is no need to stick with just apples and oranges though. Fresh fruits that are in season are at the peak of flavor and are less expensive than out of season choices. Just check in your local supermarket for the huge varieties of plums, peaches and the many berries that are on sale.

Pop a fresh peach in the lunch bag. Fruit and yogurt make a tasty dessert or breakfast smoothie. Homemade fruit pies are also a super way of including fruit in a family diet.

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