Vacuum Food Sealer Machines

Andrew James Professional Quality Vacuum Food Sealer Machine

Most modern kitchens will have a freezer and we all know just how useful that can be. If you like to cook food in batches, and then freeze it, buying a vacuum food sealer machine would be a very good investment for you. If you properly seal your food, then it will stay fresher for longer, prevent any risk of freezer burn, and will be ready to use as and when you need it.

Price of Food Sealers

For one of these machines you should expect to pay around £40-60 depending on exactly what you are looking for. For a more sophisticated machine this can be between £100-900. You can buy these online and some come with a roll of sealer paper, and others come with bags. Where you go for a bag option then these can be re-used.

Brands Who Make Sealers

The well known brands who make these machines and accessories are:

  • Andrew James
  • JML
  • Kenley
  • Foodsaver
  • VonShef
  • Polyscience

Understanding Vacuum Pressure

I don’t want to bore you to death with vacuum pressure but I think it is important to understand this if you are considering buying a vacuum sealer. Manufacturers will talk about a measurement called “kpa” and you may see something like “kpa measure up to 50.” That is great if it actually meant something.

This kpa stands for kilopascal and has replaced the older term of pounds per square inch (psi)

So 50 kpa is the same as saying 7.25 psi.

The better the vacuum a sealer can create, then that is a good thing, when it comes to storing food. Right that is enough of the technical stuff.

Below I have listed the Top 5 vacuum sealer machines by the highest rating. This rating is taken from actual buyer reviews at Amazon, where people take the time to leave reviews and score them out of 5 stars. I have made a short video below, on the top 3 sealers, currently available in the UK market. Underneath the video, you will find more detailed reviews.

Andrew James High Quality Vacuum Food Sealer

This is one of the highest rated products currently available in the UK market. It costs around £40 depending on where you make your purchase and it gets an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by over 300 buyers at Amazon. This is also the best selling food sealer on Amazon.

Andrew James High Quality Vacuum Food Sealer

It comes with 15 bags to get you started and these bags can be re-used. When you use this one it has a seal only option or a vacuum and seal option. This will help to keep your food lasting longer for sure. It has a one touch operation which makes it easy to use.

This one can also create a vacuum of up to 50 kpa. It is also available in a black colour though personally I prefer the white one. This one is good because it works really well and is set at an affordable and I think sensible price point.

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Andrew James Professional Quality Vacuum Food Dealer Machine

This is another product from the same brand, but it is the next model up and costs around £60. This one uses rolls of paper rather than bags. It is ideal for anyone who does a lot of cooking and wants to be able to store it in their freezer.

Andrew James Professional Quality Vacuum Food Sealer Machine

This is also a great buy for anyone who likes to use a style of cooking known as “sous vide.” Many of the chefs are now using this French technique for slow cooking and you may have seen this up market “boil in a bag” style of cooking on TV programs.

It has a roll cutter which allows you to cut the perfect size of bag. Almost 200 buyers at Amazon have rated this product 4.6 out of 5 stars so you should know that is very good value for money.

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Foodsaver Automated Vacuum Sealing System

This sealer is a very good product but it is expensive at around £150-160. You are now getting into the higher end products here and a very professional set-up.

Foodsaver Automated Vacuum Sealing System

foodsaver chartYou can probably tell just by looking at this one, that you are now at the higher end of the price points for these types of sealing products. It is a hands free operation with a vertical design so as it can reduce the amount of counter top space it takes up.

It has two different speed settings, and comes with a number of modes such as canister, marinate and seal only. This is classes as a premium product and comes with a ton of features. Most homes will not need this level of sophistication and would mainly be used in the commercial world.

From the chart on the left hand side though, you can see that this type of system truly does elongate the amount of time that you can store food for.

It looks classy, is very well made and I think is worth the money if you tend to freeze a lot of food.

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SousVide Supreme VS3000 Vacuum Sealer

This one costs around £100 and gets an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars by actual buyers over at Amazon. It also comes with a speed control and has an easy top activation.

SousVide Supreme VS3000 Vacuum Sealer

This is yet again a nice looking sealer and it works pretty well. This one comes with 12 cooking pouches ideal for sous vide cooking. It can however be used as an everyday dealer if that is why you are considering it.

It is good for sealing wet contents, and it has what is termed a “delicate setting” that will avoid crushing foods during the sealing process. It is also light and easy to transport if you need to carry it with you. Due to its size it is also an ideal choice for the smaller kitchen.

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Hug Flight Impulse Heat Sealer

I included this one and is a good budget option costing around £23. Now it is not in my opinion as good as any I have described above, but it is the cheapest one and it still gets very good reviews by actual buyers.

Hug Flight Impulse Heat Sealer 12

As you can see this one is basic and simply seals bags before they go in the freezer. There is no real vacuum seal as such but it does a good job of sealing the bags. It is quick efficient and really simple to operate.

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Polyscience 300 Series Vacuum Sealer

polyscience-300-series-vacuum-sealerNow if you want the ultimate in vacuum sealers, then this £900 model from the Polyscience brand is exactly what you will be looking for. This is true state of the art technology.

It is simple to use, yet packed with technology. It is really only for those who do what I would call a serious amount of freezing. It is good for both normal dry freezing, but also for freezing food such as soups and stews.

Amazon do offer a pay monthly option on this, so if it is something that you want, then this might be an option worth looking at, a little closer. You can click here to do that.

Vacuum Food Storage Bags

Below we have listed the best selling vacuum food sealer bags. Always be on the look out for deals in these as they change all of the time. We have included the best deals below right now.

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