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Best Vacuum Food Sealer Machine UK Reviews 2021

By  Enda

Vacuum Food Sealer UK Reviews

Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews of the best vacuum food sealers, that are currently available on the UK market.

Most modern kitchens will have a freezer and we all know just how useful that can be. If you like to cook food in batches, and then freeze it, buying a vacuum food sealer machine would be a very good investment for you.

If you properly seal your food, then it will stay fresher for longer, prevent any risk of freezer burn, and will be ready to use as and when you need it.

Likewise vacuum sealers also mean that you can reduce household waste by up to 87%, and the average UK family can save up to £600 per year. Rather then throw any food out, you can seal it and re-use it.

Vacuum sealing captures all the nutritional attributes of food, ensuring that when you are ready to eat there is no sacrifice in quality or flavour.

Vacuum Food Sealer Pricing Guide

For one of these machines you should expect to pay anything from as little as £25. The average price is typically £40-60 depending on exactly what features you are looking for.

For a more sophisticated machine this can be between £100-900. You can buy these online and some come with a roll of sealer paper, and others come with bags. Where you go for a bag option then these can be re-used. Some of the better machines come with roll, bag and container sealing options.

Vacuum Food Sealer Popular Brands

The well known brands who make these machines and accessories are:

  • Aicook
  • Andrew James
  • Bonsenkitchen
  • Homeasy
  • JML
  • Kenley
  • Foodsaver
  • VonShef
  • Polyscience

Top 10 Vacuum Sealer Machines

Below we have listed the Top 10 vacuum sealer machines by the highest buyer rating first. This rating is taken from actual online buyer reviews from the various websites that sell these machines.

Online buyers often take the time to leave reviews and score them. We have calculated the average buyer rating and shown it below as a percentage score. The higher that number is, the higher buyers rate the product.

  1. Foodsaver Food Vacuum Sealer Machine (89%)
  2. Slaouwo Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine (88%)
  3. SousVideTools iVide Chamber Vacuum Sealer (88%)
  4. Jokoo Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Storage  (88%)
  5. YISSVIC Vacuum Sealer Automatic Food Sealer Machine (88%)
  6. CalmDo Vacuum Sealer Machine (88%)
  7. Bonsenkitchen Vacuum Sealers Machine (88%)
  8. Toyuugo Food Vacuum Sealer Machine (86%)
  9. Homeasy Vacuum Sealer (86%)
  10. ABOX 5 in 1 Wet Dry Food Vacuum Sealer Machine (84%)

Our Top Picks



Foodsaver Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

This is the highest buyer rated online and keeps food fresh up to five times longer than conventional storage methods like zip seal bags, foil, cling film and containers. It also prevents freezer burn. This model has a sleek design and stands upright when not in use. It is simple to use with LED progress lights.



Slaouwo Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine

This is a fully automatic food saver machine at a low price point. You can get a perfectly sealed bag in a minute. It has 2 modes which are the dry setting for solid food and the moist setting for poached, simmered or steamed food. Has a powerful suction , a cutter, vacuum roll and a pumping hose.



SousVideTools iVide Chamber Vacuum Sealer

This is a high end top of the range vacuum sealer. It has a 30cm sealing bar, and is very easy to use with its digital control panel. There is also a 95 second marinating cycle for inside the chamber The cycle time is 90 seconds.



Jokoo Vacuum Sealer Machine

This is one of the cheapest automatic vacuum sealers that can prevent foods from getting freezer burned. It uses inverter constant temperature for sealing stability and efficiency. It has 2 sealing modes. (sealing and vacuum) Comes with 15 BPA free vacuum bags.



YISSVIC Vacuum Sealer

This model uses a multi-layer material heat seal to keep air out. You can create custom-sized bags without using scissors. This model can be used for Dry/Moist mode, This vacuum sealer is equipped with external vacuum pumping, so suitable for canning, wine preservation, vacuum packing, food storage bags etc



CalmDo Vacuum Sealer Machine

the technology used in this sealer automatically detects the vacuum degree in the bags to ensure an airtight seal is achieved. The vacuum pressure of this vacuum sealer machine can reach up to-80Kpa just by one touch.  It has two modes dry for solids and moist for wet food.



Bonsenkitchen Vacuum Sealers Machine

Another affordable vacuum sealer that makes storing leftovers very easy. It has dry and moist functions. Like all sealers this one creates an air-tight seal with unique double sealing strip design. Comes with 5 vacuum sealing bags, an extra long vacuum bag roll and a replacement sealing ring.



Toyuugo Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

This is compact so doesn't take up much space, and has fast vacuum sealing with low vibration, low noise, and safety lock design. It also has a cutter and roll bag storage so you can make bags. Has a dry/wet mode, automatic/manual mode and comes with a 1-year warranty



Homeasy Vacuum Sealer

This vacuum sealer machine has two modes, seal only and vacuum seal. Simply put the seal bag in the vacuum sealer and press the button. Comes with 10 BPA-free seal bags.



ABOX 5 in 1 Wet Dry Food Vacuum Sealer

This is a multifunctional food sealer suitable for dry and moist foods. It uses 3D suction technology, and the vacuum pressure reaches up to-60Kpa. Has a 30cm heating bar that supports sealing several food packages at one time. 3mm extra wide sealing strip design prevents air leaking, It also has an adjustable roll holder and cutter, makes customized size bags to fit whatever you need to seal.

Vacuum Sealer Buying Guide

We always like to include a buying guide as we find that our readers like the advice that we offer. So here is our buying guide for vacuum sealer machines.

Understanding Vacuum Sealer Pressure

We don't want to bore you to death with vacuum pressure but we think it is important to understand this if you are considering buying a vacuum sealer.

Manufacturers use and refer to a measurement called "kpa" and you may see something like "kpa measure up to 50." That is great if it actually meant something.

This kpa stands for kilopascal and this term has replaced the older term of pounds per square inch (psi) In other words 50 kpa is the same as saying 7.25 psi.

The better the vacuum a sealer can create, then that is a good thing, when it comes to storing food. So the higher this kpa number is the better. 

Dual Mode for Vacuum Sealers

Most vacuum sealer machines have what is called dual mode. That means that the machine can be used for full vacuum sealing, or for just simple sealing without the vacuum.

What Types of Foods Can You Vacuum Seal?

You can vacuum seal most types of food. There are however a few key  exceptions

Most home owners usually seal fish, beef, chicken and other types of meat. Users also seal vegetables and fruits

You can't seal cruciferous vegetables such as choy, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, horseradish, kale, radish, turnip, and watercress.

Certain cheeses like blue cheeses shouldn't be sealed. Likewise don't vacuum seal mushrooms and garlic.

How To Use a Vacuum Sealer

Most vacuum sealers use bags, which are inserted into the machine. The air is removed from the bag, and then it is heat sealed to keep the air out.

Some machines use a roll of paper. Those will have a cutter which slices off and makes the bag. They then vacuum pack and seal the bag.

Many vacuum sealers can do both. The vast majority of these machines are a one touch button with automatic operation.


I enjoy cooking and love using a whole variety of small kitchen appliances. On this website, I review many of the best kitchen gadgets that are fun to own, and even more fun to use.

Enda McLarnon

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  1. When you want to buy a new tool for your kitchen, vacuum sealer comes first in the list if you haven’t it. This is one of the best and most essential kitchen tools in the modern days.

  2. I love this thing. We seal all our meats and cheeses unless we are going to use them within a week, even some refrigerated meats, etc. The system is VERY economical to use. This keeps everything fresh, and colorful. Easy to use. Recommend storing unit with lid open to keep from compacting the seals used for vacuuming the bag.

  3. I was searching for the best vacuum sealer device and have visited many stores I have never got the best product. I thought of surfing the internet to find the best device and found out the above article. I was really felt happy after reading this article and I purchased the Andrew James high-quality vacuum food sealer. Thank you for guiding me with the best device in the market am extremely happy to share my experience with you.

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