Best Wine Fridges UK Reviews 2022

Updated May 2022

Help with Picking the Right Wine Fridge for You

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on about wine fridges and wine coolers. These range a lot in style, features, capabilities and price. We trust that our extensive and detailed wine fridge buyer guide will help make your decision a great deal easier.

If you are someone who wants to appreciate their wine choices, then by owning a good quality wind refrigerator, you certainly have made that a very possible thing to do. For years these were only used in business premises like hotels, B&Bs, Guest Houses, restaurants and bars.

Today these are growing ever more popular in the home. As people grow to understand their wines much better, they realise that by owning a good quality wine cooler, they can enjoy their wine even more.

What Is A Wine Cooler/Fridge?

The two terms "cooler and fridge" often get mixed up when people are looking for some type of appliance to keep their wine at the right temperature.

In the UK a wine cooler generally refers to those small sleeves, or single containers where you can wrap it around a bottle, or place a bottle of wine into a chilled container. The bottle is then cooled using a frozen wrap or a chilled pot.

The wine fridge is a refrigeration appliance where you can store several bottles of wine so as they are chilled to the right temperature, and ready for use as and when you need them.

They come in many different styles from the simple table top style and all the way up to large stand alone fridges. Some people and indeed many manufacturers refer to wine fridges as wine coolers and wine chillers. It can get confusing!

Do You Really Need a Wine Cooler?

This is usually the hardest question for potential buyers to answer. For years many of us have survived perfectly well without any type of wine fridge.

For white or Rose wines many people simply use a basic bottle wine cooler, and that does the job perfectly well. However as your experience for wines starts to grow, especially of the red variety, then your collection of different types of wine may also start to grow.

At any given stage many homes may have 6 bottles of wine in their kitchen, and if you spotted a bargain in a supermarket or off license, that could quickly get added to.

The importance of the temperature wine should be served at does become an important thing to understand. Serving wine at the right temperature allows you to get the full experience of the body of the wine, the aroma and the flavour.

Our advice is that if you only buy a couple of bottles of wine for a meal, or to have the odd drink through the week, then save your money and just use the kitchen fridge.

Red wine can be served at room temperature and will taste just fine. We would only recommend buying a wine fridge if you have at least 6 or more bottles on a regular basis in your home, or if you purchase more expensive wines.

How Much Do Wine Fridges Cost?

The answer to this is how long is a piece of string? It really depends on a number of things that will vary depending on your exact needs.

For example a basic wine fridge that holds 8 bottles of wine, with a single temperature (known as single zone) will cost about £50-100, depending on the brand and style of the fridge.

At the higher end for a large free standing wine fridge/cooler, that holds lots of bottles, with a range of temperatures and other features will cost anything between £2000-£3000.

Between those two price points sits a whole range of prices depending on what features you want to have in your wine fridge.

You can buy wine cooler fridges in Retail stores like John Lewis, Argos, Currys etc. You can also buy them online at websites like Amazon and have them delivered to your door.  If you want a high end wine cabinet style, then we would highly recommend visiting a specialist shop where you can get much more detailed advice.

For now though, you can check out the table below for more detailed and precise information on what you can expect to own for a particular price range.

Price Range

Descriptionine Cooler


A good quality single zone wine cooler, that will hold up to around 12 bottles


Higher capacity wine coolers, and also the odd dual zone wine cooler. This is the most popular price point.


Higher capacity wine coolers, and also the odd dual zone wine cooler. They will also have other features such as UV glass and anti-vibration features.


Really high end wine coolers. You can also start to buy wine cabinets and the larger capacity wine coolers.


These are the very high end wine coolers from leading and specialist brands. They are packed with features and design is very important here. They will be triple zone and variable temperature options in this range. Mainly these will be for commercial use.


Predominantly aimed at business in restaurants, bars and hotels. However for domestic use you can get a bespoke design completed and the price will be very high.

The average home owner in the UK, wanting to enjoy their wine typically pays around £150 for a wine fridge

Top 10 Wine Fridges in the UK

Baridi 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

92% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online buyer reviews

Baridi are a well known maker of wine coolers and this 12 bottle model is a popular choice

The glass door keeps out UV light but you can still see in which is very important

The temperature range is between 12-18 Celsius which is set by touch screen controls

It is a very quiet fridge that looks great and you can rearrange the shelves inside

Baridi 7 Bottle Wine Cooler

92% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online buyer reviews

Baridi are a well known maker of wine coolers and this 7 bottle model is a popular choice

This model has a compact design with a tempered mirror glass door to reflect UV light which helps protect your wine.

Temperature range between 5-18°C controlled by touch screen controls.

It uses compressor cooling technology with automatic defrost feature to make this unit as easy as possible to use

It has a soft white LED light, waved metal shelves that hold up to 15 bottles of wine. Can accommodate bottle height up to 330mm. Measures (W x D x H): 345 x 450 x 685mm

Best for Beer and Wine Fridge

Subcold Super50 LED Mini Fridge

92% buyer satisfaction based on 500+ online buyer reviews

This is classed as a mini fridge and uses compressor cooling

Has a temperature range of 0 - 10°C [Adjustable Thermostat] which is suitable for wine bottles, beer cans, soft drinks etc

This model has a dual glazed safety glass door and measures (W) 440 x (D) 500 x (H) 525 mm. It can hold 55 x 330ml Cans

It is quiet and has 2 removable chrome wire shelves, an internal light and a security lock with 2 keys

Comes with a 2 year warranty and has CE and ROHS Certification and WEEE compliance.

Russell Hobbs RH34WC1 Freestanding Wine Cooler

94% buyer satisfaction based on 400+ online buyer reviews

This has a modern black design and holds up to 34 bottles of wine - there are 6 racks with 5 bottle to a rack and then some space to hold up to 4 other bottles

It has a glass door and internal light with contoured chrome shelves to stop your bottles rolling around

It has a temperature range of 5-18°C which can be set using touch screen controls

There is also a white tray which can be used for cold deserts

This is reliable, flexible and very quiet

Cookology 30cm Wine Cooler

92% buyer satisfaction based on 500+ online buyer reviews

This is also a popular choice with UK buyers and this model has a 20 bottle capacity

It has internal soft LED lighting

The glass is double glazed and keeps out UV light

It also comes with a lock which may be an important thing for some buyers

It is a single temperature zone wine cooler

BODEGA Wine Cooler 58L Wine refrigerator

98% buyer satisfaction based on 50+ online buyer reviews

This model can hold up to 18 bottles of wine and is a very good quality product

It is very quiet and very energy efficient

It can be installed as a freestanding wine fridge or used as a built-in wine cooler

It has a tempered glass door to keep out the UV light and the door has stainless steel hinges.

A touch panel is used to set and control the temperature

Klarstein Vinamour Wine Cooler

80% buyer satisfaction based on 150+ online buyer reviews

This model can hold up to 29 bottles of wine and has 2 zones which is perfect for red and white wines

A control panel with LCD display adjusts the temperature for both cooling zones between 5-22°C.

It has 4 elegant wooden shelves and a soft touch panel on the door

BODEGA43-180 Freestanding Wine Fridge

88% buyer satisfaction based on 20+ online buyer reviews

This is a large wine fridge that can store up to 180 bottles so designed for shops and stores rather than for home use

It has 2 zones so suitable for storing both red and white wines

As mentioned this is made for the hospitality sector and is very well made and built to last.

What Brands Make Wine Coolers?

There are many different brands, some of which will be UK household names, and others that may not be so familiar, but are well known wine accessory brands. Just below I have created a list of the most popular wine fridge brands:

  • Russell Hobbs - a popular UK kitchen appliance grade who sell a small but affordable range of stand alone or free standing wine fridge coolers
  • Kalamera - they are an American company from California. They sell online through websites like Amazon, Shopify and houzz
  • Inventor Appliances - They are based in Aberdeen in Scotland and offer appliances like wine coolers, compact mini fridges, air conditioners and air purifiers. They sell through Amazon and have two main sizes, a 49 litre and a 66 litre capacity
  • Subcold - They are a Scottish company who do a small range of the smaller stand alone wine coolers
  • Polar Refrigeration - They are a company based in Bristol Wales and they do some of the medium to larger wine coolers
  • Drinkstuff VinoTech - They do a wide range of fridges and coolers. For these you will usually find them under the VinoTech brand. They probably have one of the biggest collections available online. They are an online retailer of bar, glassware, tableware and catering equipment, based in Hertfordshire.
  • Pevino - They are a high end Danish brand so their products are expensive but very high quality. They specialise a lot in wine cabinets.
  • CDA - They offer free standing wine coolers and also offer a range of integrated wine coolers. CDA are a UK appliance company that offer high quality kitchen appliances built with your lifestyle in mind. Based in Nottinghamshire and their main company is the Amica Gr0up PLC based in Poland
  • Cookology - They are part of "theWrightBuy" group and they sell through Retail online and also online through Amazon. They do a wide range of under counter fridges and also stand alone fridges
  • Husky - They are a popular brand for wine coolers and they also do mini fridges, retro style fridges, and drink coolers. They are a family owned British company based in Leicestershire.
  • Cater-Cool - They are part of the Cater Kwik Group and sell online only. They do an interesting range of wine coolers and also do refrigeration generally. From their name you can see that they supply to the catering and bar industries. They are based in Cumbria
  • Klarstein - Like the others on this list they also do a range of coolers. They also do other kitchen appliances like microwaves, cookers, and a range of cooling and heating products. They are a German brand with distribution centres in the UK.

What Types of Wine Fridges Are Available?

This is where your choice can get complicated, but worry not, we do continue on with how to pick the best wine fridge for your needs. For now though I just want to show you the full range so as you get a general understanding of all the types available. When you see that, I think it gives you a much better understanding of what style you are after. Wine coolers fall into 5 main categories:

  1. Freestanding Wine Fridges/Coolers
  2. Countertop or Table Top Wine Fridges
  3. Built In Wine Fridges
  4. Intergated Wine Fridges
  5. Wine Cabinets

Those categories listed above refer to the general style and type of wine fridge. The type that you decide to go for will generally depend on where you plan to locate your wine fridge. That of course will depend on what space you have available and also where you want to have it on display.

However there are also other important considerations when buying a wine fridge, which I have explained below.

Wine Cooler Detailed Buying Guide

Now you know what types of wine cooler are available, how do you go about narrowing down the perfect one for your needs. At the end of the day you need to start somewhere so we have created a step by step method that will quickly narrow down your choices to just a few.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

This is the amount of money you are willing to spend or can afford to spend. Personally I like a Rolls Royce for a £5, but that is not likely to happen. You should however have an approximate idea in your head to begin with. The amount that you spend will be determined by the next few steps.

How Many Bottles of Wine Do You Plan on Storing?

This is the most important question to answer. Most of these fridge sizes are determined by the number of bottles that they can hold. There is a wide range of capacities so you will be able to find one that suits you needs.

The smallest size is 6 bottles at a single temperature and that goes all the way up to 100+ bottles. A typical size is 12-24 bottles.

Where is the Wine Cooler Going to be Placed?

I mentioned this earlier and after figuring out the capacity, that might determine where you want to locate the fridge. Will it be under a counter top, on top of a counter top, or stand alone? If you want a built-in or integrated style, then just be aware that your storage capacity will always be restricted to the size once it is built in.

Once you know how many bottles you want to store and where you plan to locate your new wine fridge, then you are almost there in terms of choice and style, suited to those two key requirements. However, there is one more important consideration.

Which Zone Type of Wine Fridge do you need?

You may be aware of fridge zones when it comes to wine coolers. However if you are not that familiar, here is a brief explanation. Wine fridges can be:

  1. Single Zone
  2. Dual Zone
  3. Triple Zone
  4. Variable Temperature

There are six main types of wine generally speaking which are white, red, rose, sparkling, dessert and fortified wines (port and sherry) These types of wine should be stored at different temperatures. Some wine fridges are single zone, in that they just have one temperature. That is OK if you just drink white wine for example.

Dual zone has two temperature zones. So for example if you liked to store both red and white wines, then your wine fridge has two different zones at two different temperatures, where one can hold the white and the other the red wine. These will always be more expensive than a single zone wine fridge.

With a triple zone you obviously have a choice of three zones.

Variable temperature is better suited for the real wine connoisseur or for someone storing quite expensive wines. Some of those need to be stored at precise temperatures. With a variable temperature wine cabinet, you get maximum control, UV glass protection etc.

What Temperature Should Wine Be Stored At?

In the tables below I have offered some very good general guidance for the storing of wine in a wine cooler. Wine purists disagree over precise measurements, however for the average wine drinking public, these figures are an excellent guideline.

Best Temperature to Serve White Wine


Wine Type

7 degrees

Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Pouilly Fuisse

8-9 degrees

Riesling, Chardonnay, Bordeaux Blanc, Chenin Blanc

9-10 degrees

Sauternes, Semillon

11 degrees

Viognier, White Burgundy, Cobrieu

Best Temperature to Serve Red Wine



Type of Red Wine

12-14 degrees

Merlot, Beaujolais, Portugese wines

14-16 degrees

Burgundy, Rioja, Chianti, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Malbec, Chinon, Sherry, Tawny Port, Pinot Noir

17-19 degrees

Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, Red Burgundy, Barbera, Barolo, Brunello, Recioto, Barbaresco, Vintage Port, Madeira

Best Temperature to Serve Rose, Sparkling Wines & Dessert Wines



Type of Sparkling Wine

5 degrees

Asti Spumante, Cava

6 degrees

Sparkling wine, non-vintage Champagne

7 degrees

White Zinfandel, Barsac, Icewine, Sake, Sweet Vouvray, Tavel, Tokaji, Suternes, Beerenauslese

8 degrees

Vintage Champagne, Muscats, Riesling (New World)

How Long Can Wine Be Stored?

As a very general rule of thumb:

  • Red wines can be stored between 2-10 years, but it does depend on the sugar, acid and tannin content.
  • White wines can be stored for 2-3 years.

You may have heard it said that "All Wines Improve Over Time." That is just a myth. In almost all cases cheaper wines will never improve. Many of the better fine red wines can be aged for up to 100 years! Some white chardonnays can be stored for over 20 years.

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